Enraged at the repeated rumors that they want to return to Brazil, Felipe Melo has circulated a note in his country, by the people who take care of the image, to point that will not return to play at home, at least for now, after he has jumped well on a deal that was going on with Sao Paulo.

“It gave me much trouble – let’s us know the midfielder – that people who even I know have spoken on my behalf in the case of my alleged transfer to Palmeiras. As for Flamengo, everybody talks about but has never been interested in me, while Santos and Gremio have only made a ‘poll’. “

Melo does however understand that the negotiations with Sao Paolo had reached a very advanced point:

“I came to choose the neighborhood where I had to live. I know that they would have treated me with great affection, but then came a proposal from Europe that will greatly increase my wages. We are now refining the details, and in the coming days should be all.”

Melo would also like to point out that he was not knocked out by Juventus team.

“I was not cut. Simply – he explains – in agreement with the directors we have decided that, since my salary, it is not convenient for me or for the club that I only play in the Serie A, since I have a contract until to 2014 “.

Source: Tuttosport 

P.S If counts for something I liked you Felipe! I wish the best of luck!