Sunday, October 16, 2011 will have passed exactly 300 days, 23 hours and 29 minutes from when, at the Bentegodi of Verona, Fabio Quagliarella scored the last official goal with Juventus. A few days later, in fact, actually 18, the striker’s knee of Castellammare “cracked” in the course of that unfortunate, in every sense, Juventus-Parma, then finished 1-4 with the goals of former Giovinco and Palladino . 

Since then a lot of work, physical therapy and fitness because when one is accustomed to making goals, can only live for the adrenaline of those moments where the ball inflates the opposing net and the stadium explodes, shouting your name. All the fans, especially today, are certainly convinced that that desire is still there, stronger than ever, and that the “Quaglia” is ready to return to exult wearing the Juventus jersey (pink or both), the arm raised to the curve and wrist wrapped by white tape. 

This is the last image, fixed in the memory of Juventus fans as a flashback that everyone is hoping, as soon as possible, to be able to live again. So why not start there Fabio, on that stage who last had “baptized” with one of the 9 seals of last season. Whether you’re in the field from the first minute or not matters little, but do it again Fabio, go to swell the net, because Juve from this year needs you also.