MILANO, October 10, 2011 – As a area expert can you tells us who is the best Italian defender of the moment? 
“Barzagli. He has experience and has recovered from a difficult time. I complimented Agnelli because he got him back to. Very good operation. ” 
 And “his” Juventus? Surprised? 
“Not at all. Playing once a week is a huge advantage. In addition Conte is always on the piece. Juve will be evaluated in the long run. We will see its capacity to react to the pressures and times when you are forced to suffer. ” 

 Juve and prescriti are still battling for the title 2006. Does it make sense? 
“For me it makes sense. I won the championship and I know what I did on the field. But perhaps this whole thing had to be dealt earlier. ” 

 source: Il Corriere della Sera 
 by: Alberto Costa 
adapted by: Mike Prise