The website of Gazzetta dello Sport has recently published the letter written to the Italian Football Federation by UEFA.A letter very clear, here is the text.  

 “Mr. President and gentlemen of the Italian Football Federation, find attached a copy of this correspondence that was sent on 2 September 2011 by the president of Juventus. 
 As you can see, Juventus regrets that the title of champion of Italy for the 2005-2006 season has been removed, believes that inter has committed the same kind of events during the same season, protest because this last club was not sanctioned and so Uefa demands: 

1) to comment on how the Football Federation conducted its investigation into the facts about Juventus and – above all – the inter milan; 
 2) to sanction inter stating that the club does not have the right to participate in Uefa Champions League 2011.12; 
 3) to inform Juventus on the measures you ill take against inter and the Football Federation; 

 Juventus essentially is asking Uefa to verify that the Football Federation has done its job well. A priori, we have no reason to doubt it. However, we would probably be helpful if you give in your position on what Juventus have declared, in a way to dispel any possible misunderstandings. 

We will need to know your answer until October 19. 

Then we’ll see what we should do. Thank you in advance and remain at your disposal for any further information. 

Our best sports regards, Perre Cornu, chief adviser of Legal Affairs. ” 

 From the letter can be deduced a few things very clear. 

First: the Federation will have to respond by 19 October (two weeks), explaining the facts of investigation here and frankly we will laugh when they will try to explain or explain the situation in the light of new phone calls of the criminal process that has virtually enshrined in the farce of the sport process. 

 Second: the sanction on inter which appears unlikely but only a decoy. inter returns the title of 2006 and we close there, with the renunciation of action against the Nerazzurri. 

 Third: what will UEFA do. Hard to say, rather, it is interesting to know how FIGC will justify itself . Any misunderstanding the letter said, there’s no misunderstanding here. There was a clear difference in treatment … misunderstanding seems to be a pejorative term. 

 In any case a difficult situation for the Federation. The question is what Abete will do: maybe it was better to revoke the Scudetto from inter? 

adapted by: Mike Prise