Contacted exclusively by, the FIFA agent Fabrizio Ferrari, French football expert, tells us of two talent transalpine championship , liked in Italy, especially by the Old Lady: Eden Hazard and Aly Cissokho. The Belgian from Lille in recent days has been linked to Juventus as a possible heir of Alessandro Del Piero:

Fabrizio Ferrari, Andrea Agnelli’s announcement has sparked a search on just who is the heir of Alessandro Del Piero. Among the likely candidates is also Belgium’s Eden Hazard

“Hazard is a great player, although still very young. I see him as a Del Piero in first stage, when he moved a little more behind the strikers. A nine and a half, we say. Is a player who likes to start from the wing and then get inside. Is fast with ball at his foot and is one of the most interesting talents. For the module of Conte should be very good. “

Is he ready for a stage like the Serie A?

“I think he is not yet fully blossomed, because last season was the first done at high level. He won the French championship, ok, but there were a number of circumstances, such as the fulfillment of Marseille, the crisis of Lyon, the settling of the Paris Saint-Germain, who helped Lille. To see him work with Juve would be another matter. The stage of the Champions League this year, can be helpful, because he has the opportunity to gain international experience which currently lacks. “

He is not yet for Juve, in short… 

“Yes he is. He can be a great investment for the future, but I do not think that he can now be decisive. The leap from a league like France, where they go at 200 per hour to the Italian one, slower and tactical is not easy. Must get used to. Let’s say that today Hazard could replace the current Del Piero, ie one that plays every so often, or remnants of the game. To today I do not think may be the crucial man for the team. ” 

Cissokho instead? Even on him the Italian sirens have cropped up, including Juve who needs a left-back “If can come to Juve I do not know . Cissokho has certainly a different experience compared to Hazard. Anyone who would take him would be a bargain. We talk about a player who has already done 4 times in the Champions League, with crazy athletic ability. I consider him ready for a great “.  

by Gaetano Mocciaroadapted by: Mike Prise