We’d like to thank Mr Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira, also known as ‘The caveman’, for the mythical game he had yesterday in Firenze against his former club Juventus. He promised to score against us, he promised to celebrate the goal in an insane way, he promised to take his revenge… “If I score then I’ll do a lap of the stadium” he told the Gazzetta dello Sport. Yeah, you did the lap, but only outside the stadium, while driving your car, and you were feeling guilty… 

You should think twice before making such declarations about a place that used to be a home for you. I feel sorry for the caveman, I think he’s addicted to action movies, he’s been addicted since two years… during these two years, Caveman has forgot about his real job, despite the salary that he received monthly, a simple job, a piece of cake to ‘human beings’ like Ibrahimovic, ‘scoring goals’.

If you guys, have been watching Amauri playing during the last two years, you would be able to not notice anything different in his playing in yesterday’s match. The guy has not stopped running in chase of the ball, and of Caceres… and strangely he kept falling for no reason and arguing the referee after every stupid fault made on our defenders.

Is it not obvious for Fiorentina that the man is a loser ? ‘professionalism‘ is the only quality that Amauri has lost since his second year in Turin, just like that, in strange circumstances, he was turned to a ‘caveman‘ !

Who are you blaming ? 24 goals in 4 years... ‘they’ brought you by paying 15.3 million euros and by giving away a great talent as Antonio Nocerino… this is a disgrace for football world.

At the end, we’d truly like to thank Mr Marotta for all the decisions made concerning some delicate matters that resides inside the team. 

by: Shaman Supervagabond