When the determination is not enough, here is the idea! 
After the Ukrainian scare, here is the return of the Old Lady.

Under the deafening silence of a tifo in protest after tribute ovation from the Siena audience to his former condottiere Antonio Conte, Juventus came in the  Siena field from the first minute boasted a confident and determined manner and finally we see again high and dense pressing that last season was breathtaking for the  opponents.


Siena, though, is deployed in the field perfectly with the lines of defense and midfield close to each other and ready to close any space to restart effectively in counterattack.

Juventus moves well, but it relies too much on individuals – Giovinco out of all – it does not bite and is at risk of too much in the rare defensive phases.

This seems to be the tactical catchphrase of the first half: even if’ll notice the pain of Paolino De Ceglie on the left sector Juventus, locked in the grip between the imaginative Rosina and the fast Angelo, and a little helped in the covers both by Chiellini that from Marchisio .

At 14 ° here is the inactive ball that moves the water, a masterful free kick by Pirlo: fearing the shot placed in seven, the barrier of Siena jump with a perfect sync, but the Professor puts it with a mocking low shot.
Throughout the first portion of the game, Juve manages the game, risking a lot on the counterattack opponents and showing important defensive smears, coming just at the peak on the 45th, when De Ceglie, once again caught in the middle of Rosina and Angelo, gives up  to chase the Tuscan exterior and allows him to brush a precise cross for Calaiò. Who, left alone by Marrone and Barzagli, bags with ease.

A first half faced with a certain tactic sufficiency: both guilty underestimating the numerical superiority of Siena on their right wing, both playing the defensive phase without concentration and with many dangerous mistakes.

The second half begins with the arrival of Asamoah instead of De Ceglie, it seems a punishment for the back, but instead is a good first tactical move: the Ghanaian, in fact, also guarantees the quality of defensive phase and closes the inserts to the only game source of Siena, the right wing that had worked so well until then.

At the same time Conte raises a lot the line of the three central defenders and the team begins to implement an pressure even higher and suffocating.
Siena, however, does not give up: gases even more the lines of midfielders and defenders and plays with 11 men behind the line of the ball.

Meanwhile, to ensure a bit of creativity more to the right wing, Lichsteiner is replaced with Giaccherini. The attacks of Juve are still sterile and turn off on the frontline with the plays of individual and little choral game.

Then, ten minutes from the end, comes the brilliant idea of Antonio Conte with the module change.


Instead of the neo central defender Marrone, enters the striker Quagliarella and from a sterile 3 5 2 switches to an impossible 4 3 3 with:

Chiellini and Barzagli central defenders
unbelievably, Asamoah and Giaccherini full-backs.
on the median los tres tenor Marchisio, Pirlo and Vidal.
in the first line: to the left Giovinco, right Vucinic, Quagliarella at the center.

The coach understands clearly that, with all those people in the penalty area, would not pass even a pin launched towards the goal and puts on the wings of the two players more technical able to carry the ball.

The objective is to widen also the deployment of the opponent and create spaces for our mezzali / midfielders, as well as for the Centre Forward.
Great, great idea.

Not three minutes later, Giovinco widens on the left and puts an inviting ball to the center, which was rejected by a defender, on the brief rebound occurs Marchisio intervenes on the fly and shoots the ball to the goal with a fireball that does not find “human barriers” , from the slipper up to the goal.

Thanks to Antonio Conte, winning football mind, we take three points at home.

Final considerations.
– Welcome back high pressing!
– Welcome back magical ideas of Conte!
– But how can one not play Quagliarella from the first minute…?
– There is much work to be done in defense: with a stronger team we would have taken three.

by: Mister Dissidente; assembled by:Mike Prise 

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS