To stop Napoli it’s enough to let them play.

Fast, compelling, sometimes devastating: the “technical counterattack” invented by Mazzarri and played to perfection by his boys, located in Turin adequate counter move studied theoretically by Antonio Conte, who once again is the Football  Winning Mind.

The field response was as simple as it was brilliant.

Paradoxically, in order to render harmless the blues of Partenope, just give them the ball game: with opposing defenses lined up, in fact, are not capable of building actions worthy of note.

The numbers speak for themselves and say a lot about caution of the choice of Conte: while 51% of possession,  Napoli gone on goal only 3 times, this explains why Juventus for the whole game seemed uncertain, less aggressive, almost intimidated by the speed of the opponent: the Bianconeri in fact, have never sunk a convinced pressure, just to leave no spaces attack of Napoli and yet have come to shooting for nine times.

Another known tactic worthy of mention is the stop imposed on dangerous blue wingers Maggio and Zuniga, inexhaustible sources of play: Asamoah has literally cleared the opponent, winning all the duels in both phases; Lichsteiner, however, held off Colombian calling him, sometimes even to defend.

Even the Ace in the Hole of Mazzarri was neutralized properly, let’s see how.
To create numerical superiority in offensive phase, the Tuscan technician raises on the right a central defender, technically gifted as Campagnaro, that not only serves as a bank for his teammates, but also knows how to dribble and of crossing: to make him the man more, in fact.

The bench of Juve has responded sacrificing in part Marchisio, less engaged in the usual pressure, was able to take very good care the defensive phase and help Asamoah and Chiellini on the left wing.

The replacements were precise and centered. After exactly one hour game Matri has replaced an evanescent Quagliarella, perhaps excited in dealing with his ex-team, he did feel his physicality and has become dangerous in a couple of occasions.

Pogba has replaced a tired Vidal, while Caceres has taken the place of Asamoah, bruised by a tough defensive action, considered on the ball, of his marker Maggio.

In a match so set, then, it is crucial for the final result an unwritten rule of the game of football, that is to say: if you can completely stop your opponent and you have people who are capable in the field, the goal sooner or later arrives. And so it was.

On a perfect corner kick brushed by Pirlo, the blue central Gamberini that would mark our tower Barzagli, does not see him in the box and realizes too late that in his place has risen the talented Caceres, alone and free to stow in goal with the head.

A few tactical remarks on the second goal: a beautiful jolly caught by Pogba on a short rejected ball of the defense of Naples.

Finally, two insights, the first negative, the second very positive.

  • Giovinco is a valuable player: he makes a great movement, creates havoc in opposing defenses, and creates carries the ball game, but in the decisive moments, on the final assist or shot on goal, often is lost. Probably need to have more confidence in himself and should have upon him the psychological attention of bench.

  • have entered the field in the second half a defender (Caceres), a midfielder (Pogba) and a striker. The first two have scored. Just luck?

by: Mister Dissidente