Tonic Team but no brains. The importance of Andrea Pirlo.

A spiderweb of people in the midfield to limit the Juventus game: there is a good tactic idea of Petkovic, although it is the only expressed by his team, throughout the game not be held never dangerous and offers to Buffon 90 minutes of complete rest, at home for the elderly.

Juventus, however, after the first 15 minutes busy trying to understand the consistency of technical and tactical of opponent, very slowly take control of the game and grinding balls of balls often approaching the conclusion, more rarely the occasion of real scoring .

The usual cumbersome 3 5 2, unfortunately can not even get going when it is not illuminated by the mind of Professor Andrea and maneuver exists entirely thanks to some good gimmick of Giovinco, the always dangerous unpredictability of Quagliarella and rare but unproductive shifting of the wingers.

As a partial consolation of the smallness creativity of the people of Conte, the fact that the team turns well in all departments and highlights a good collective built on race and physical strength, practically a single body, strong and always in motion, but without the ability to “think” football.

All departments play well actually: the three-man defense, never in trouble because lined up against one real striker (Klose) rediscover the long and millimeter passing of Bonucci, good technique of Barzagli also in offensive key and usual generosity of Chiellini .

On the median, in the beginning a bit muffled numerically by the men of Petkovic, we find a  disciplined and punctual Marchisio but not too sharp, a decent and safe Pogba but light-years away from the possibility of replacing Pirlo and a absolutely amazing Vidal that retrieves balls in industrial quantities thwarting the biancazzurri attempts to build game and also proposing in attack.

The wingers run, cross often from the edge and less from the bottom, widening the net of the opposing defense but they can not ever be decisive: just when Isla on the right begins to take the right steps to cross, Alessio replaces him with a Pepe that still has to find position and feet.

Giovinco and Quagliarella, moving outward or shorten the midfield, often put anxiety in the rearguard of Lazio but create a few goal balls and the inputs in the field  of Matri and Bendtner are useless that add little to the narrative tactical encounter.

“Power is nothing without control,” read a few years ago the advertising campaign of a famous brand of tire that is dear to the beloved merdazzurri enemies, a slogan that sums up a little what happened Saturday evening to our team, certainly strong on the field but irreparably without brain: an episode very significant that in the coming market sessions must lead Marotta and Paratici looking for a worthy replacement for the Professor, or, at least, should advise our Mister the use in case of necessity of a module less Pirlo-dependent.

Forza Juve.

by: Mister Dissidente