Chronicle of a defeat foretold.
Conte does not change the three-man defense, inter puts forward the trident and wins. Deservedly so.

Was in the air.
After 49 games without defeat, the flop comes, widely predicted by previous meetings in which Juventus, despite winning, still not convinced.

And just as the many merits of a team unstoppable so far were due primarily to his coach, Antonio Conte, it is he with his inelastic attitude losing the direct confrontation with Stramaccioni, sly in sensing what the weakness of Juventus are and good to take advantage. After Catania, too many people understand what can hurt a trident technical and fast to defense with three of Juventus. Well, Andrea nerazzurro plays precisely this paper: puts forward Milito Palacio and Cassano wins the match in a clear, well-deserved manner.

And to think that the referees offer us a first goal, vitiated by a net offside, and then a man in the field, not expelling Lichsteiner yellow card suspension. Due to the determination expressed by the Swiss and his scarce propensity to control it, Antonio Conte replaces him with Caceres.

About tactical setting of the game there is not much to say.

The usual, stale 3 5 2 holds for a time and also produces some good opportunity.

In the first portion of the game, after the goal, Juventus tries to manage without too much stinging, Inter win over 60% of possession and grows by the minute forcing the Bianconeri to defend in a disorderly manner, while never able to become dangerous. Sickening into the game of the Bianconeri with the very creative exchange of passes, decidedly impossible if not comical between Giovinco and Vucinic. The two, however, keep the Nerazzurri in anxiety and inhibit their momentum.

In the second half, everything changes.
Vucinic can not make it to take the field with a calf killed by cleats of Samuel and entered in his place “willing” Bendtner and the men of Stramaccioni take courage and conviction are thrown forward, causing Pirlo, Chiellini and Bonucci to use the foul by yellow card. Cards that weight like stones. Highlights: their numerical superiority in midfield due to frequent returns of Palacio and Milito, the skill to turn quickly and with great precision the defensive phase on the offensive.

The goal that gives way to defeat, the heaviest of all, comes from an episode: a penalty kick whistled to Marchisio for a withholding of Milito, on action suggested by a free kick of Cassano. Immediately after the draw, a strange truce. Both teams try to figure out, playing at a trot, if it is appropriate to try to win or if they can settle for the same. The nerazzurri launch a first timid signal: replace Cassano with Guarin and began to treat more and better the defense.

Starts here the best moment for the boys of Conte, with less anxiety submissions will not collect the message, play smoothly and try to get back in the lead, but exposing the weapon better of Inter, the operated counterattack.

And here comes the second cold shower, created by a ball poorly managed by their “willing” Bendtner and transformed into pure gold by another substitute, Guarin, as often happens in football, the changes are clear: ours was forced, and their very shrewd and intelligent. Once at a disadvantage, history repeats itself: we try to recall with frenzy and chaos, we take Caceres and replaced by Quagliarella who however in a very short time becomes more dangerous than its “willing” partner department. Meanwhile also Milito goes out, replaced by Mudingayi: that nice Marple of Stramaccioni erects barricades to bring home the three points and, and after another plot hatched by Nagatomo on the break and ended in the net by Palacio, he does it.

Juventus – inter: 1 -3.
To Antonio Conte a message from the heart:
Now that we are no longer forced to defend our unbeaten record, we can return to more daring and put in cellophane the 3 5 2: perhaps we will risk losing, but at least we’ll see the beautiful game that has given us so much joys last year.

Forza Juve.

by: Mister Dissidente