Victory at the last minute due to the module change during game and the quality of the individuals

It was the home game against the weakest team of the championship: it had to be a walk in the park before the crucial game against Inter and instead has been a confrontation suffered that we have run the risk of drawing and which highlighted important tactical gaps .
The control of the game provided by the module 3 5 2 was shattered not anymore and not only on the low propensity to score of the attackers, who with Quagliarella still have done his duty, but on a defensive big mistake that gave a goal for the opponents, seriously affecting the ability to bring home the three points.

Fortunately, a clever change of module, similar to that adopted against Siena, has made sure that the intensity of the attacks materialize in the-goal of the game, but only realized in injury time.
We come then to the tactical tale of the game.

Throughout the first time the inconsistency technical and competitive of the opponents reveals the desire and the ability to create game of a Juventus that, despite a formation without five owners, is able to build opportunities on occasions, without realizing goals. Particular emphasis on the young Pogba that hit the post with a beautiful left-turn, scores a goal of head spoiled by a foul on his marker and therefore not validated, touches the scoring with a header with the edge of post.
Also this time the tactical deployment focused on three defense and midfield five with the outer two also involved in defense, allows us to take a few risks and often leads us to tap the advantage, once again, however, our strikers appear evanescent in the conclusions and the main opportunities are created by men of the median. At the end of the first portion of the game it seems that our opponent has taken our measures.

In the ninth minute of the second half, thanks to a pinpoint opening of the usual Pogba, a perfect assist the small Giaccherini and excellent sense of goal by Quagliarella, comes the long awaited goal. It seems that the game must cease so that, with Juve that administers the game looking double and Bologna slamming against the rocky wall of defense guaranteed by 3 5 2.

But here comes the imponderable: one of the actions of attack of the Bolognese, a terrible reference “from oratorio” De Ceglie is transformed into a precise cross for opponents and frees Taider to shoot, fishing the jolly of life and puts in net a ball impregnable to the innocent Buffon.
It’s the time when it becomes necessary to change deployment and game system, with three substitutions in five minutes, from the 26th to the 30th; Giovinco for Quagliarella, Asamoah for De Ceglie and Vucinic for Isla.

The defensive line gets with four with Asamoah, Barzagli, Bonucci and Caceres, the three midfield remain Giaccherini, Pirlo and Pogba, while forward placing Giovinco and Vucinic as wide Forwards, with Bendtner Central. It ‘s another game, but the Bologna still believes in draw and tighten the lines of midfield and defense. Here comes into play the quality of the individual: as has had done with the Siena, Giovinco, wide on the left sweep the decisive cross for the head of the impeccable Pogba that, on 92minute of the game, gives us the three points.

Another alarm bell for Antonio Conte: The 3 5 2 is now anticipated for all, even for Bologna, the team that has shown so far to have little chance of salvation.

Saturday against Inter we need something new.

by: Mister Dissidente