Juventus-atalanta-team-vucinic-goalSteamroller Team razes the unfortunate opponent, with some defect that should not be overlooked.

I could begin the tactical analysis of the game in exactly the same way in which I commented PALERMO – JUVENTUS and write that “the team has assimilated to perfection every automatism: the football device concocted by Antonio Conte produces game in a persistent and productive, each gear turns at the right speed and intersects with others without rubbing and smoothly. ”

Juventus-atalanta-team-pirloWould therefore be pointless any other additional consideration, also because of the advantage for 3 goals to 0 already reached the 27th of the first half, but there is some tactical detail on which I would like to think: I am referring, first, to thirteen minutes elapsed between the flash of Vucinic and the masterpiece ballistic goal of Pirlo and, secondly, to the entire second half of the match.

In those terrible thirteen minutes I totally lost sight of Juventus: team was long, the defensive line shredded and all the median at the mercy of their mental disorder. Apart from the two gross errors of Barzagli (including the suicide pass to innocent Marrone who then released Denis just ahead of Gigi) I happened to attend a covering intervention of Pirlo who reminded me of the best Davids and I counted an absolutely unusual number of wrong passes or otherwise inaccurate.

Juventus-atalanta-team-vucinic-marchisioWhat happened exactly? Who turned out the lights?
Probably it was a blackout caused by poor habit to score immediately: we are so used to try and try again for a long time on so when a goal is scored in just two minutes has a little disrupted our game, we did not know whether to insist with the normal pressure or try to handle the meeting, maybe we were scared the idea of ​​having to deal with for almost 90 minutes or maybe wanted to give opponents a competitive reaction that, in fact, did not come. Fortunately, the Professor has put an end to the temporary havoc with the safety of the second goal, which put down opponents and has given us the desire to make the game.

As regards, however, the second half, was repeated with mathematical regularity to which every week we’re used to as spectators: the lack of concreteness in the conclusions highlighted by thirteen built scoring opportunities (thirteen!!) And zero goals scored , a percentage as nothing short of disastrous.Juventus-atalanta-team-quagliarella

Extenuating circumstances are many, of course, if you’re leading by three goals it crashes the motivational and the curtain falls on competitiveness, Yeah you play with ease, but do not damage the soul to reach every ball … and this could explain the sterility of our score in the second portion of the game. The fact remains that, however, for the entire second half, it was hard and well-built, it has completely cleared the opponent, it has gotten to shoot with diligence and was not in any danger in defense.

Final considerations.
Great performance, with some minor defect.
The sterility offensive might be resolved by the arrival of Drogba.

Forza Juve.

by: Mister Dissidente