The module creaks, we need new ideas.

That Catania was not an easy team to beat it is well known.
That the result has given us reason because of refereeing decisions favorable to us, there may also be: at the end of the entire season the wrongs of the referees will balance the favors.


The thing that just does not go is that this team is absolutely unrecognizable compared to the admired of last year and the match against Catania, can be considered in this context as a real wake-up call: the 3 5 2 that we put in the field, our opponents know it better than we do now, and if they are not involved in European competition, prepare carefully for a week all possible countermoves; necessarily have to renew the module, to change something in the game and maybe even include some alternative element.

Let’s see why, by analyzing the performance of individual departments, starting with the defense.

First serious tactical error: you can not fight a trident very fast and technical as the rossoazzurro, with a three-man defense, even children know that the one on one almost always favors the attacker and in the game of yesterday the three strikers of Catania frequently have embarrassed our three central defenders, until they deservedly have passed ahead with a goal wrongly canceled by the referees.

The powerful Barzagli has gone crazy to try to contain the small and wriggling Papo Gomez in big sweep and this was little helped by Lichsteiner. Bonucci has fared better against Bergessio, but he has lost him right on the goal, very regular, canceled to the Sicilians. Chiellini, however, has had more freedom to maneuver, thanks to a direct opponent unconvincing (Barrientos) and is often proposed in attack, but with disastrous results.

Our defense department, forced to one against one is often in trouble, it was then expressed in a clumsy and chaotic manner, but was able to limit the damage through experience and the quality of its men.

Lesson: the next time we meet a trident like that of Catania serves a different defensive solution, perhaps with 4 defenders in line or with wingers much better on coverage.

And now we come to the middle, starting right from the wingers.

Of Lichsteiner and his poor defensive vein we have already discussed, we add that even in the attack was not particularly distinguished: he has, obviously, a moment of form not objectionable from which may very well come out, helped by a few days of rest. Isla, Pepe and the same Padoin could make him catch his breath. Asamoah, on the contrary, he played a good game, though not shining as usual into the opposing half, where he strangely suffered marking of a player completely mediocre Izco.

The real problem was the lack of midfield of Marchisio and his continuous motion and precious interdiction: his replacement was a Pogba, beautiful to look at but not very incisive in the covers, who played as if he was free from any defensive commitment and often gave the numerical superiority of the opposite median half. The good performance of Pirlo and Vidal have been rendered useless by this kind of “man in less” who was running little and did not press at all. Too bad, he will be able to do better.

Lesson: If we must keep the defense with three against three opponents strikers, we make sure that the midfielders, all midfielders, take care at best of the defense.

On attack there is little to say: with a Vucinic visibly weakened by the stomach flu recently defeated, we have added from the first minute a Bendtner completely disoriented by the Italian football, with the result to see in the field a few ideas and confused, movements improvised, often illogical.

The goal of victory is born of a brilliant intuition of Vucinic yesterday a little  physical and all brain, which released to shot the innocuous Danish giant; on the rebound of the goalkeeper the timely, cold Vidal, he thought to put the ball in the net.

The entry of Giovinco, absolutely right with the team in the lead to take advantage of his speed and his technique on the counterattack, reported on the field some flash of beautiful football. Unfortunately, however, the good and willing Sebastian confirmed his scarce propensity to conclude and after a splendid solo effort in style Leo Messi, missed a goal in a truly sensational way.

No more lessons, but question: what has Quagliarella done wrong, not to play from the first minute, in one of his great moment of form?

To conclude, a single consideration.

Now that we have recovered two important wingers like Isla and Pepe, is crucial to create alternative solutions of game to the 3 5 2, too predictable and less offensive.

We need to return to surprise opponents and start to bite their ankles with the hunger for victory that is part of the DNA of this team.
A return to the 4 3 3 would be a good sign of recovery.

by: Mister Dissidente