10 days ago I remember monologuing discussing in the car with my girlfriend about all the possibilities of the Serie A final stretch, while driving. I tend to get a bit, say, intense. I went on about the missed opportunities of the Zlatan-ban period, and of our chances of catching up with Milan and the complicated fixture ahead of us and what not. Meanwhile she nodded away more preoccupied of my bad driving being a product of my intensity than of what I was actually saying. Don’t get me wrong, she is a good listener and loves the game as well, she just loves her life more…

10 days later, that is, now, things are all but different. During that period, Milan faced Catania to later welcome Fiorentina, a team who we massacred at their own turf. Ok, il Diavolo drew to a very respectable Catania side and then somehow, amazingly, inexplicably, ironically and let’s say, quite funnily too, not only lost to relegation-threatened-Fiorentina in San Siro, but fell to the wooden sword of Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira and with a very crafty play. That’s right, the palm tree, the statue, call him how you will, but it was him that ultimately handed Milan the final blow to sink them and give us an ever so precious advantage to leapfrog them and recover our lost lead by making the best of difficult tests against Napoli and Palermo.

So, yes my friends, CAPOLISTA!!!

We have returned to the summit, and this comes in a moment where we are as beautiful as we are ferocious. But we must not let anything fool us. The fact is that 7 games are still to be played and 21 points are still up for grabs, and while Milan have tricky away matches we remain with the tougher fixture, as both Roman sides are yet to be welcomed into our lair. So now we must be speaking of Lazio.


So, l’Aquila pays us a visit, and taking a look at the table, this is what I infer.
Being a clear and definite 11 point gap as there is between 1st and 3rd place, and with few games until season end, it appears that Serie A’s battle for Europe is split into two.
Milan and us will fight until the end for the Scudetto, with Champions League qualification close to being a guarantee for us both.
Quite a few points under, Lazio, Udinese and maybe Napoli and Roma are gonna get into a brawl for the Playoff position.

While Merda, further down on the table are fighting for what? 9th? Ha.

Anyway, thing is we lead the fight for the Scudetto, while the blue Romans lead their own fight for 3rd.

So, both Juventus and Lazio will be fighting against one another, but each having it’s own particular battle and each with it’s own incentive.

Nevertheless, the fight will be fierce and hard and important as ever, and the +3 have to be coming our way.

In my opinion, Lazio are not as deserving of 3rd place as a 3rd place should be. They have not been lively or very much attractive and have even appeared watery at times. But be as it may, there they are, and one must give to them that they have had several good performances, the thrashing of Napoli being their latest and most recent one. So as things are, Lazio arrive at Turin in good form and with the boost of the Champions League dream beginning nearing by the day. So the eagle‘s claw will be sharp and piercing…ok sorry for that, it was geeky.

As for their players, we’ll have to be weary of many of them.
Klose is out which is good, but Rocchi, who will step in the place of center forward, is likely to generate some incommodities. He has long been their icon and has undoubted ability to poach goals.
Antonio Candreva, whom I always liked when he played for us, had a very good performance against Napoli, and coach Reja is likely to start him again on the flank.
Our summer target, Hernanes has been tipped to start on the bench, which is also good, as we all know what he is capable of.
Stefano Mauri scored an overhead screamer on Saturday.

Lazio is a dangerous team and they’ll be willing to add to their tally by beating us following the last results we’ve been able to muster from our previous encounters.

I remember December 2010, I was on vacation watching Lazio vs Juventus on a bar in Guanajuato, when something happened. My former idol, Milos Krasic, stepped up and recorded an amazing victory-goal with exactly 5 seconds left on the watch. I ran around the place, screaming while taking my hands to my face.

I just hope I can re-live such a moment…though its not likely to come from Krasic.


3-5-2 or 4-3-3 we want to see ETA BETA.
Actually, I don’t think we would mind too much seeing Del-Piero next to him, would we?


Ohh, and:



I do love doing this crossing thing. I hope I won’t stop until I cross out Atalanta, only to throw a 3 day Juventus-theme party.

(if anyone lives in Mexico City, let me know)

Fino alla fine.
Pablo Giles