I´d like to start by saying a few things about our last game.
I for one, am not devastatingly pessimistic about Genoa. Frustrated? Oh yeah,  but not despairing. Did we fail to convert our chances? Yes. Did we again dominate but weren´t able to reflect it on the score? Yes. Did Conte make his subs too late? Yes. But hang on a minute, let us ask ourselves, was our game stale like the previous ones? No. Did Mirko had a bad game? No. Did we give up? No. Was luck on our side? Fuck no.
So as harsh as we are with the teams recent performances, we should also be impartial and see the good side of things. Even though we failed to convert, which is an obvious issue, we did play our pressing game and at moments showed flashes of the beautiful Juve of late 2011. 
The next  8 matches will determine our positioning in the table. Of course, the same can be said for any team, and pretty much in any given moment during the season. However this actually is a special time for Juventus for we must face what no other team encounters in their calendar. Excluding Udinese, we play every single one of the strongest clubs one after the other. So exactly 8 matchdays from now we will see ourselves as Scudetto challengers and Copa Finalists, or as mere European zone hopefuls. 
This comes as Conte´s first true test, to confirm what has been  suggested since he took over. A test  where failure will see us drop to the same disappointments of the previous two seasons, but also where success will lead us into a legendary season.
This test certainly does not come in the best of times. It´s not like we are in a hot run of form lately or anything like that. But if we truly aim high, no draw streak can be enough excuse.
So let them come.

Even though the Viola sit at the bottom in a not so flattering 15thplace, they always cause problems and  a Juve vs Fiore is always a game worth watching.  Fiorentina is a team of high caliber and always one to be cautious of and certainly a top-dog. So yes, 15th and all, but the test starts here.

Here´s a brief, contextual  exposure on some of their players.

Quality midfielder. He can pass, he can shoot. If we allow him to wonder with space, we may regret it. Since Vidal is more likely than not to return to our midfield, him and Marchisio harassing Montolivo is in order, thus cutting on his space and giving it to Pirlo instead.

Yeah, he´s been waiting for this. But as much as he wants it, this is not gonna be another Giovinco episode. However, speaking of Amauri, many question arise. Is he gonna have his vengeance with an overhead kick goal? Or will he instead trip into an own goal to attain redemption? Which hairstyle will he fashion? Curly locks and goatee or that hair-iron-burnt-Lord Farquaad shit?  We just have to bear in mind, that as much as he´s been waiting for this, in a way, so have we.

Here’s a confession- I remember this, and I kinda felt sorry for the guy. He did have good moments with us…
Wait. But then I remember a ridiculously long goal drought, and I remember this, and then I don’t feel sorry at all. 
As I said on the Genoa preview, that wasn´t the game for Eljero. Fate proved me right. However, I believe that facing a team like Fiorentnia requires a certain particular something, to unbalance their defense. Especially Juan Manuel Vargas, who we know to be a friggin beast. So if there´s a way to get past him, is with trickery and speed, avoiding physical clashes. Yes, it’s the game for EliaClearly, coming out of the bench at the middle of an intensely fought match wasn´t the best scenario for him to appear on. He looked more lost than ParisHilton´s virginity, ask Ronaldo. So starting against Fiorentina should prove a better stage.

Summer target? You betcha. But until then, let him flop big time. Actually, it´s possible he doesn´t even play due to some injury recovery. The young Montenegrin is killer and could well cause us a horde of trouble at the back. So as long as he ism´t playing, we should be able to cope with their frontline. Oh, wait, Cerci. Well, maybe we have to be a bit more careful then.

Good news! Giorgio is back. As is Bonucci. Now, apparently Cáceres got some minor knee injury last match, and could well skip this one. Luckily, Paolo is playing at a great level, so no need to worry too much.

MVP is back together. So as Mr. Wolf would say,  “pretty please, with sugar on top”, let this be the match where they synch back together. Unite! Merge! Conjoin!Fuckin´ kiss if you want, but please,  Really, MVP, play like you used to. We just want things back the way they were…

It appears Mirko´s goal did have a positive effect on his game. So If it´s for the  best, then fine by me, let him play.

Matri is hesitating too much. Come on! Two touches. Flick and shoot! Now he needs to put on his shooting boots and his not-hesitant socks.

Gigi is a supreme being. From another realm. Honestly, he’s a few saves from actually emanating a visible aura.

My Starting XI:
4-2-3-1 Superman/Licht-Boner-Chiello-DeCeglie/Marchisio-Pirlo/Elia-Vidal-Vucinic/Matri
Oh and let us cross our fingers and pray Gio has the game of his life and scores a treble against Milan, so that when they award Zlatan two penalties, the score ends up 3-2.

I’ll en up by quoting JohnCas from SBNation, with something that made me laugh.
Is that Jesus on the hill in Rio? Nope, it’s just Amauri. Who is even less mobile.

by: Pablo Giles