What could be better than beating 3rd place Lazio at home, to achieve a result that sends us back to the top and fires our title aspirations one more time?
Simple: beating Lazio with our beloved captain Alessandro Del Piero coming from the bench in his 700th appearance in black and white to score the winner with a trademark free kick with 8 minutes to go to win a match that could prove vital in our final push for the Scudetto.
And that’s exactly what happened, anindeed it was better.
We are having a great week, where our ambitions are fired up, we couldn’t be more proud of our team and captain, and there’s even speculative talk about a possible contract renewal.
Yes, we are in an ecstatic limbo.

But sinking into dreaminess is something we can not afford right now. 6 games are yet to be played.

From our remaining 6 games, we must face only one top team, which is Roma. The remaining 5 are, say, lesser teams, and 3 of them are certain relegation candidates. While this could be good news for any other team in a final league stretch, it comes as more of a challenge to us, knowing our record against the smaller teams, but I will not go into that as I assume everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about.

So, we’ve beat Milan, Inter, Napoli, Lazio, but what about the lowly ones? Those that are mere pebbles, but stuck uncomfortably inside our shoe.

This time, we meet Cesena, paying a visit to old friends Vincenzo and Jorge.

A team with a certain future in Serie B next season, so they will not be particularly motivated, or will they?

There’s not much to go on about this, it’s as simple as this: we must beat the Seahorses, and there is absolutely no excuse.

Their immediate record has seen them enter in a very familiar draw frenzy, added to the fact that haven’t won since mid January. Ergo, they. Have dropped to bottom last place, with practically no chances of securing permanence in the top flight.

So, again, we have no excuse not to take all 3 points.
Lets just be as carfeul as ever, for they still have a decent-on-paper line-up, with the like os Marco Parolo and ballon d´or dreamer Adrian Mutu.
That said,


It’s likely that Cesena will park a bus or two in front of their goal line. Maybe a more advanced Arturo, like in older times, can destabilize their defense to create some gaps for our front line to cut through.

Pirlo’s killer passes and Mirko‘s pace will be vital.

This time let’s try and have a higher percentage of attempts converted, provided Antonioli doesn’t go all Marchetti…but then again, all goalkeepers turn worldclass against us.


And now for the fun bit:

Fino alla fine.
by:Pablo Giles