Here he is, my dearest Friend who finally joins MyJuventus.netFlavius Killigula. I wish him the very best of luck. 
Welcome in MYJUVENTUS.NET team. He will add some more DEPTH to this site which as said MOVES TO THE NEXT LEVEL! 
I hope you will feel his HUGE love for JUVENTUS. ENJOY!

“These are real stories and real feelings! It’s my “ encyclopedia” of football moments dedicated to only one dream, to only one spirit, to only one great Legion of invincible warriors, JUVENTUS TORINO! Some of you may agree with me, some of you may not! There is just one undeniable truth though: ALL WHO SHARE MY ADDICTION ARE A PART OF THE STORY! They lived this together with me, they cried like mad men when we lost and went high to taste de sublime rapture in VICTORY!  And if you are too young to have lived these moments wait your turn, Juventus won’t disappoint you and you’ll have wonderful tales of your own. “ 

I wish I could say it was Del Piero! Some have chosen Baggio. Roberto of course, not the other one! Others were into it because of Vialli. In my case it was HIM, “White Feather”, or Pennabianca in Italian. 

Juventus is like a monolith, like the undivided stone created from that FIRST BLAST in the Universe, you have the sensation it is there for ages. But before you came to understand that, it is one player, two at most that gain your heart. And it can happen because of one goal, because of one tackling, one dribbling, one dive after the ball. With Fabrizio Ravanelli it was everything! EVERYTHING

The way he protected the ball, his strength of a gladiator, the way he smiled like a tricky fox to the prey when looking at the opposing defenders, the way he understood to be cynical, but still a showman, to attack, but to defend also in that famous 4-3-3 with Baggio and Vialli (later Del Piero). Most of all it was the fact he gave you  that impression  of a young boy that goes mad when scoring a beautiful goal while playing alongside his friends in the park. 

Ravanelli’s signature celebration when scoring a goal was pulling his shirt over his head and running around the field like a madman. That was and still is my image of him! Uncontrollable joy, the insatiable taste for scoring, for victory.  He has been a big opposer to the new FIFA rule put in place, where a player gets a yellow card for removing his shirt during a celebration.That says more of Fabrizio then 10000 words! Not a man of rules, stereotypes and misconceptions. 

Some sad he did that because the shirt underneath carry advertising and along with that big money. I like to think it was pure childish exuberance, it suites better Fabrizio. Every game I watched hoping I’ll get a LIVE proof of his undeniable talent in front of the net. And guess what? He never disappointed me! It was like everyone knew it’s going to happen sooner or later, impossible to stop the unstoppable. He had that specific Italian charisma you cannot explain, but everyone loves it. A special killer among special teammates in a very special team.That was and forever will be MY Juventus!

I remember in 1996, before the final against Ajax, I told a few Ajax fans (of course now Barcelona or Real supporters) it was impossible for Fabrizio to miss such an opportunity. A Champions League final! It was more than clear Dutch defenders will make a mistake, ONE MISTAKE, and Fabrizio will make them pay dearly. And that is exactly what happened in the 13th minute! They made that mistake and my wonder man was already there to seal the Juventus goal in the final. That victory is unique fully deserved! I remember many images, many pictures with Vialli, Del Piero, Toricelli and the others that contributed to that sensational win. But for me that was The Final Ravanelli scored for Juventus and gave us the feeling we can win, gave us the feeling we play a great team but WE ARE GREATER!

Sadly, it was the last time I saw Fabrizio in that sacred black and white shirt. My first football trauma was his transfer to Middleborough. I just couldn’t believe he has gone away from “La Vecchia Signora” , the One he loved so much and gave so much to!It was a blow for him also, Fabrizio never intended to leave, but sometimes in life unfair events take place. This was one of them.

But his heritage remains, his charisma is still remembered, his goals are forever a part of Juventus history! 


by:  Flavius Killigula