Dow does it feels to be alone in the battle ? how does it feel to be the victim all the time ? yes ! this is the sad truth dear tifosi: 

They stole away what belonged to us, they sent us back in time, we survived, thanks to our true heroes, our loyal soldiers… Now we are planning our big return, we’re at the final phase, we have made sacrifices, we suffered, now it’s time to shine again. 

But no! they’re afraid of the Big Return… afraid of us again. We are almost there, the end of the season, and the battle for the title of the Serie a is still going, and we’re still undefeated ! but unfortunately, too much draws, too much pressure, polemics around us… penalties that are not whistled, plenty of cards against us, disrespectful behaviour from other tifosi towards our legends… and this is what makes us strong, we’ve always been the masters of the game. 

They still not see, the way we are ruling… by signing great talents, by thinking about the future… this is why we want to thank Marotta for getting such a great talent lately, as Paul Pogba, keep on going Beppe


by: Shaman Supervagabond