There is so little time left….

The Juventus mercato started very well. A lot of players with certain qualities were transfered at parameter ZERO  : Pirlo, Ziegler, Pazienza.

It then continued very well: Lichsteiner (the best right back of last season Serie A) at ~10 mil, then Vidal at almost the same cost 10.5 mil, a player which has FANTASTIC qualities, then after failling to bring Aguero, Pepito to Juve arrived Mirko Vucinic, a player with TOP qualities who never expressed really his true potential, for 15 mil.

So the mercato started very well, continued well but …..

But the last days of mercato are bringing a lot of QUESTIONS MARKS!

One is: why do you want to sell Ziegler? or Bonucci?

Why have you brought Giak? Estigarribia? cause certainly they both are not CERTITUDE players, players that you can COUNT from the start of the season! The question for both of the players raises because we still have a Pasquato who demonstrated that is a player who can GROW, if you have some TRUST in him!

For the Left Wing the rumours from last night and this morning are telling that ELIA is a new Juventus player! Who is Elia? A good player playing in Hamburg but who never has demonstrated to be the player that can make the difference and can have a continuity in a season.

So…there are 3 players for the wings but none of them are True Champions…all three of them will need time to adapt to Juventus, to the winning mentality!

There is so little time left….until the end of the mercato, until Wednesday 19:00 CET, and a HUGE responsability on Beppe‘s shoulders.

There is still a spot to be filled in! The Central Defender! This is the most important spot from all this mercato! Leo Bonucci has failed to impressed Conte, more then that has dissapointed him in that manner that Mister is willing to let him go in exchange to a better Central Defender (see Alves rumour).

The history tells us that each BIG team, each BIG club that wants to win Competitions … in the last day/s of mercato makes a TRANSFER that can change an ENTIRE season. Last year we got rinaudo and traore the results we all know!

There is so little time left….to do that

By: Mike Prise