Pretty bad grades in Supervagabond‘s analysis, but it is his thing on the site and we respect his ideas, if you don’t agree pls comment and come with arguments

Buffon (6): He showed a steady performance. He is Always ensuring, despite all the defensive mistakes commited by Bonucci. 

Lichsteiner (5): he couldn’t stick with the defensive line drawn by Conte, Bologna’s goal was conceded after the offline position of the swiss international, he messed up an offside trap on Di Vaio, and Di Vaio got free. 

Caceres (5.5): he has a great a great speed in central defense, he’s a very technical player, only he couldn’t do well alongside Bonucci,seen the errors committed by the latter. 

Bonucci (4): Flop of the match: no improvement shown by the young defender, stupid errors in defense, inability to win the ball back, and immature behaviour towards referees. Bonucci was sent off in the 84th minute after receiving his second yellow. 

De Ceglie (6,5): no doubt that he was the best player in Juve’s side, very helpful in attack, he showed a great ability to break through the opponent defense, even in defense he was very reliable. 

Vidal (6): Arturo was everywhere, we could see him running constantly doing his role in midfield. He made some great steals and led most of our counters. 

Pirlo (6): he wasn’t in his best form, but he played with a high rythm in the first half, and and his assist was crucial to Mirko’s goal. 

Marchisio (5): we don’t recognize him anymore, the little prince isn’t doing like usual, he lost many duels in midfield and has showed a lack of reflection, we hope that we will see his big return soon. 

Pepe (6): Simone has contributed to most of the team’s attacks, running through the right flank, he delivered a few good crosses. 

Vucinic (5,5) (5 for the poor performance and 0.5 for the goal) : except for the goal scored, nothing of his performance is worthy to be mentioned. 

Borriello (5): did he played the game ? For whatever reason, the guy is falling down all the time. 

Giaccherini (6): he replaced Vucinic. He was very dynamic, and he tried to bring some freshness on the left flank, he could been playing from the start. 

Conte (4): Mister ! where do you go from here ? what was this formation, why not giving them their chances, Del Piero has been waiting, Elia too, Krasic, you threw him out, and what we saw every single game, Borriello falling all the time, Vucinic losing the ball, you protested and you got expelled, it’s time to make some changes. 

by: Shaman Supervagabond