Before I jump into the Purple Haze, I would like to take a minute of your precious time and go over a couple of points.

A couple of points…

Ok, nipple joke over.

There really are two things.
I am happy to be back writing for you with full freedom of speech and absolutely no responsibility, after a considerable amount of time. 
Busy-ness at school and work may keep me off posting for most of the season, as they have, but I’ll surely report for duty before the big matches. Which brings me to the second point.
The Second Point.
As I said wrote, since I’ll be able to write only on a few occasions, I came to the conclusion of chosing only the momentous matches, the big battles, the fierce fights, the crisp combats, the vicious versus, the devilish duels, or even in other words, when we are LOCKING HORNS, as the title says…
Here I present the chosen ones:

You’ll have to excuse my recurring lame-ass jokes…It just has been so long!
Now, the actual chosen teams and some sort of reason…
Merda, cause it’s Merda.
Milan, cause they are sucking ass and cause we basically just dethroned them bitches. 
Napoli and Lazio, cause they appear to be the real, actual contenders.
Siena, cause I’m joking.
Roma, cause Zeman is back.
Fiorentina, cause as Eddie Murphy portraying Detective Axel Foley would groove to on Beverly Hills Cop… “The Heat Is On”. 
Please, ignore the image, observing the tightness of those jeans may
cause irreparable damage, such as ruining your taste in fashion.
Onto business.
Now that the Heat is Off, we can dive right into the following section that I like to call
From BAGGIO to BERBATOV with a dash of ’82-’83
Die-hard fans will know what this means, but for those die-soft portion of yeh, here goes a brief recapitulation as to why the Bianconeri tifosi on the stands were chanting “Viola, Viola, Vaffanculo!” just this Saturday.
More than it being a clever little alliteration, it represents the anger that has risen from the rivalry between Fiore and Juve, that has been put in the pressure cooker for two decades and it is now steaming hard. 
It all goes way back to the season of ’82-’83, when the Scudetto was evenly contested between both clubs, and it appeared only one would breakthrough. Final matchday comes and the Viola have a goal denied by the referee while Juve successfully claim a dubious penalty. We lifted the trophy and the rest is history.
Let’s fast forward in time 12 years and land on Firenze, where a certain 23 year old Roberto Baggio had the heart of the Viola faithful in his hands. In this period of time comes one of those actually laughable moments in football that I love to picture in a cinematic way:
“Roberto Baggio is not for sale” cut to “Roberto Baggio signs for Juventus”.
Freaking hilarious….but you can just imagine the anger flowing through the veins of the Fiorentina faithful as they watched Robby become a Bianconeri legend from ’90 to ’95.
Make a leap of years a plenty onto these last few campaigns and set your sights on a promising youngster of the name Stevan Jovetic
Juventus have been on his trails for more time than the directors would like to admit. Their chase for the Montenegrin grew hungrier this past summer window, where Mr. Della Valle allegedly rejected a 30mill. offer for his man. Juve, apparently angered, as they had reached the amount that Fiorentina had requested, made a late move for Dimitar Berbatov, a known Viola target. The Bulgarian stopped his already-agreed-upon deal with Fiorentina and never got into the plane destined for Firenze. 
All hell broke lose from that point, with Della Valle accusing Marotta of child’s play by sabotaging his move for Berbatov while Marotta claimed fair-play. Meanwhile there was still some comical spice to add to this pot as Berbatov did not sign for Fiorentina OR Juventus…he signed for Fulham. 
Now, there is a rumored hidden clause in Jovetic’s new contract where he is forbidden to ever join Juventus, Fiorentina have denied Conte a box at the stadium stands which brings us all the way back to Bianconeri tifosi chanting “Viola, Viola, Vaffanculo!”.
Phew, that was an ordeal, but it’s done for. 
It pretty much paints the picture of the kind of game we will be watching tomorrow as we play guests to an unwelcomely host. 

Aquaman is out, as is El Hamdaoui, so we should expect a Jo-Jo/Ljajic partnership upfront.
Cuadrado is for me the biggest threat, as I remember him taking on Chiello last year.
Pizarro and Valero should be reckoned with as they look to *giggle* command the middle of the pitch.
3-5-2 is likely to be their copycat formation. 

Rotation people. We got Roma on the weekend and Shakhtar on tuesday, and Contrrera have adequately shifted positions.
Simones are both out. So the question si who is going to get the nod ahead of Fiorentina.
Oh, and Quags is on FAHYA!!! So no rest for him.

3-5-2        Buffon/Lucio-Bonucci-Barzagli/Cáceres-Vidal-Pirlo-Giacch-De Ceglie/Quags-Gio.

Thus resting: Vucinic, Marchisio, Chellini, Licht, Asa.
We’ve scored 4/4, lets make it 5 as we head into the Inferno Viola.
Ehm..Inferno Viola…
Fino alla Fine.
Pablo Giles