“For Juve, winning is not important; it’s the only thing that really matters.”
Buffon (.): Gigi was only a spectator in yesterday’s game.
Barzagli (6.5): The whole defense, has done a great job yesterday, including Andrea, who has showed a great confidence.
Bonucci (6,5): He looked like a super hero with the protection mask on his face. Leonardo has proved once again his real talent and his devotion to the team.
Chiellini (7): A true leader in defense, He blocked the left flank and kept Osvaldo out of the dangerous zone. He joined the attack and gave support to De Ceglie at several times.
Lichtsteiner (6): Unstoppable on the right flank, He ran throughout the game between the defense and the attack, unfortunately, he missed many of his crosses, and he could have avoided the clash with Lamela.
Vidal (8): Our warrior was outstanding, he was a beast in midfield, and also as a striker, two wonderful goals in 8 minutes ! Arturo is the beating heart of Juventus this season.
Pirlo (7.5): The architect led the team and he organised all the attacks on the Roman defense, he scored Juve’s third goal after he pounced on the rebound from the penalty saved by Curci.
Marchisio (7,5): The little prince made one of his best performances since a long time, very vigilant in both midfield and attack. He scored his seventh goal of the season in yesterday’s game.
De Ceglie (7): The right man in the right place, Paolino has showed a great intensity throughout the game, and he contributed to the big win against the rival Roma.
Quagliarella (6,5): Fabio is the best element that we have in attack in this moment of the season, he was very dynamic in the front line, and he created a lot of spaces for his teammates especially for Mirko.
Vucinic (8.5) (top of the match): Absolutely genius, the former roman striker was on fire yesterday’s night, he was behind all Juve’s goals, he had two assists and he showed a real tactical maturity.
Borriello (6): We could clearly see that Marco has tried hard to give a boost to the team, and to make a good performance, he deserves an applause.
Del Piero (6,5): Conte is trying to give to Il Capitano some playing time before the last goodbye. Alé came in, he didn’t make a big impact on the game seen that the game was already over.
Conte (8): Il mister is a man of principles, a man of his word, he achieved his first goal with team, qualify for the Champions League, but also, he is chasing the scudetto dream.

by: Shaman SuperVagabond