Buffon (.): Napoli did not get a single shot on target throughout the 90 minutes, Gigi has enjoyed a vacation yesterday against napoli… thanks to an outstanding defense. 

Barzagli (7): he’s a key part of the most solid defense in Serie A. he made sure to not leave any space to Napoli’s ‘Three Tenors’ 

Chiellini (7.5): there’s nothing much to say, apart that he is one of the best defenders in the world, a true juventino, our defense’s leader. 

Bonucci (7.5): He was perfect in the rearguard, he didn’t commit any mistakes face to the ‘three tenors’, author of a crucial goal, Leonardo was on top. 

Lichtsteiner (6): He did his best on the right flank, the swiss international played decently against a very respected and feared napoli side. 

De Ceglie (6,5): he had a big impact on the game, because he held out bravely against Napoli’s right wingers…He continues to show great maturity in his defensive role. 

Vidal (8) (top of the match) Absolutely amazing ! man of the match, King Arthur ruled the midfield, he won most of his duels, and showed an incredible solidity… his beautiful goal shows us his real technical qualities. 

Pirlo (7): he directed the team’s play and the midfield throughout the game. His experience is essential for the team. 

Marchisio (7): Juventus dominated the game thanks to the midfield, Claudio is one of the main pieces of this success, he collaborate perfectly with both, Vidal and Pirlo.

Borriello (4.5): why the man is always laying on the floor ?? Get him the fuck out of here, he sucks. 

Vucinic (6): he wasn’t in his best form, didn’t show his genius and his technical abilities! but he was the main cause of the first goal that unlocked the game. he could have been a scorer, he was on side in the refused goal. 

Caceres (6,5): Always ready to give a boost to the team, always ready to fight and to contribute to Juve’s victory, as I’ve said before, Martin is a true top player. 

Del Piero (7): Juve’s golden boy, the club’s greatest legend, he’s on fire, first touch, great dribbling, and one assist… no doubt, he still has so much to offer to the team. 

Quagliarella (7): he deserves all the good, because Fabio never gave up fighting to prove his real value, he deserves Juve’s jersey more than Borriello does, he’s more efficient, he has the speed and he can make the difference at any time. 

Conte (7.5): Il Mister drew a genius plan to sink the Neapolitan ship. only if he can forget about borriello, because he’s not worthy to play for Juve. 

 by: Shaman Supervagabond