If Chiellini apreciated this Picture! Hell I can put it in the Le Pagelle Article also! great Work Pablo!

This is an emergency-back-up-special situation. Im just filling in here. Anyway, here goes.
STORARI- I repeat, how many top teams can boast to have one of the world´s greatest goalkeepers, as is Bufflubber, but can remain confident when the back-up comes? Marco is surely an excellent goalkeeper, and we are proud to have him on our team. He couldn’t have been blamed for the goals. And he did manage some pretty dangerous moments, like that Zlatan low shot thing. Overall a decent performance. 6.0
STEPHAN- More of what is customary of him, and more like his usual self. Did well in the transitions. 6.5
BONUCCI– Actually, Leo put in a very decent performance. Did well to keep up with Milan’s fiery forwards. However, Maxi did kinda out muscled him on his goal. We will be hoping to see him act like this more often then not. 6.5
CHIELLINI– Giorgio contributed to the general solidness of our back line. Did well to cover Zlatan and contrary to the elbow-face I so pined for, they even shared a giggle or two. Not his best but far from his worst. I’d say OK. 6.5
DeCEGLIE– I remember Ranieri used to field him as a left midfielder o occasions. DeCeglie’s attacking capabilities are certainly undeniable, but being a fullback, many of us a-wondered if his defensive side would grow. Luckily it has, and he did. Paolino is slowly growing into the kind of player we actually need. 7.0
VIDAL– Man-machine. Remember that old Bugs Bunny cartoon where he plays a one-man baseball team and the silly hare is catching the ball, throwing it, double/triple playing it and catching it, all in one? Need I say more? He is an extremely valuable addition to our midfield, and was most of the reason why Milan were so blatantly obliterated from the pitch on extra time. Vida menas life in spanish, And Vidal is surely breathing that into our team. Go Arthur! 7.5
PIRLO– Certainly, a tough man to pagellize. How can you rate him? As mediocre a game he may have, he always puts in at least one mouth-opening through ball. On Tuesday, he certainly did not shine like hi did last week, but he managed to own the ball through some periods of the game, proving his deadliness if one concedes him enough space. Brunelleschi initiated the first goal with a spit-on-your-neck fantastic lobbed ball. He kept the tempo of our game and contributed defensively. 7.0
GIACH– Our Coppa talisman didn’t prove so talismany this time. Did run and press but failed to impose his sneakiness. Mirko did provide him with a one-on-oner that should have gone deep into the net. We shouldn’t be so mean with that action as Amelia actually made a very inspired save. 6.0
PEPE- Not a very lucid game for Simone. Never really looked dangerous in attack and linked properly with the King very few times. Definitely at fault for Mesbah´s goal. 5.5
VUCINIC- Mirko is an agile, speedy player who adds an element of surprise to our attack. He possesses the qualities to win a match, only he´s just displayed them until recently, clearly. Made a couple of selfish decisions, but generally linked up nicely (read: Giachherini one-on-one). He emerged from the dressing rooms to play extra time with an apparent rocket up his..um..shorts. Imposed a much more aggressive game and eventually reaped a screamer of a goal from an unlikely position. Keep. This. Form. Going. 8.0
KING ALE- All hail. He´s played far too little this season, but proves he´s still his majesty by scoring in the best of times. Controlled the ball exquisitely and slotted home in cool fashion to earn us a 3-1 lead, which proved vital. Generally held on to the ball and distributed nicely. We´ll miss him both emotionally and footballistically. 7.0
MARCHISIO– It hurts me to say so, but he´s far from what he showed us last year. Can´t say he´s playing bad, but he does have a tendency to disappear, have you noticed? Sometimes it´s like, oh there he is. Too bad. Hope it’s a just a phase. Not very influential on the pitch and did fail to convert a seemingly simple volley-tap-in. 6.0
INGLORIOUS BORRIELLO– I´ve had it. I showed respect when we signed him. I never spoke ill. I never called him BorrieLoL. Maybe I did make fun of his hair, but just a little, that was it. Now things are getting ridiculous. Him over Quags? The guy can´t handle a ball and falls far too often. He did try a scissor kick. Meh, we´ve seen him do that. I was glad when yesterday I read were ending him back to Rome. Let them deal with it. Sorry mate, no offense? 5.5
MARTÍN- H came in and suddenly it was Cáceres this and Cáceres that. We are lucky to have him in our ranks. Starter against Merda? You bet. 6.5
MISTER CONTE– Set up an interesting line-up which was ideal for Milan. Read the game properly and made subs which maybe didn´t provide explosiveness, but helped to close the match. Voiceless at the end.  7.0

by: Pablo Giles