Buffon (8): His outstanding performance gave confidence to the whole squad throughout the game. He made several great saves and contributed to the big win against Inter. He absolutely deserves the higher note. Congratulations Gigi.

Caceres (7,5): one of tonight’s game scorers ! The Uruguayan showed enough determination to prove his real value again, as a top player. In Defense, Martin did great in most of the duels against Obi.

Barzagli (6,5): He just came back from an injury, let’s say that tonight’s game doesn’t reflect his typical performance, he had to face a very explosive Milito, and he managed to do well.

Chiellini (7,5): watching him playing tonight, was a pure delight… definitely one of the best defenders currently, his solidity made of him a true leader in Juve’s defense. we must not forget to mention his dribbling, and his header turned away by Cesar.

De Ceglie (6,5): the right man in the right place ! the best that we have on the left flank. He showed a great discipline at the tactical level and he knew how to stand against Maicon.

Vidal (7,5): Our midfield’s warrior never stops impressing the italian media ! In a short period of time, the chilean international is now one of the best Serie a midfielders, Arturo was author of a magnificent assist in tonight’s game.

Pirlo (7): when the brain is not in his best condition, the body can be so weak. that’s what we saw in the first half of the game, we saw a toothless attack… luckily, it was not the case in the second half, Andrea ran, passed, dribbled, and Juve won the game.

Marchisio (6,5): Il Principino had a decent game, he played a respectful match. he pushed the midfield forward, deliviring great passes to both, left and right flanks.

Pepe (5,5): Simone is struggling to play his game, he’s not living his best moments inside of the team.

Matri (5.5): He keeps trying and in the same time he keeps missing… Alejandro has been out of luck and efficiency these last times. On the whole, Matri had little impact.

Vucinic (6.5): he played well, and he created space for his teammates, especially De Ceglie, helping him out to join the attack in several times… on the other hand he missed a great chance to kill the game.

Del Piero (8) (top of the match): Marotta has to think twice before letting him go… always ready to make the difference, an outstanding player and teammate, a legendary leader, a top scorer, a cold finisher, a perfect player…, Mirko has to learn from Alé how to kill a game… Legend !

Bonucci (6): Without mistakes, Leonardo managed well to help out the team to win the game.

Conte (7.5): Mister, this is what we ‘Tifosi’ want to see ! Alex is crucial for this team, he belongs to the team that you’re coaching Mister… Keep winning games and we will be at the top.

by: Shaman SuperVagabond