“Don’t worry guys ! we’re still top of the table… THIS IS OUR FATE”
PS: Tonight I’m very sad guys… I did my best to bring you the ratings.
Buffon (4.5): Sorry Gigi for the rating ! I’m very sad tonight… he remains our hero, “everybody hurts” you did what you did… it’s not the end of the world, we’re still  top of the table and we will win the scudetto. Forza Gigi ! Forza Juve.
Barzagli (6): Andrea did his job, and has well defended especially against lecce’s deadly counter attacks just after the stupid conceded goal.
Bonucci (6): at least he knew how to stop a very dangerous and fresh Muriel.
Chiellini (6): He joined the attack in several time, like always, and gave support to a Caceres very weak in building the actions from the left side.
Lichtsteiner (6.5): He assured in his defensive role, on the other hand, we have barely saw him making an impact on the attack.
Vidal (5.5): Arturo, I know it’s a bad rating, but you could have killed the game very early… you had a couple of easy chances to score.
Pirlo (7.5): He was Our best player on the pitch… he ran, he assisted, he tackled, he fought for every ball and he led the attacks intelligently.
Marchisio (7): At least he knows how to score against bottom of the table teams.
Caceres (5.5): Martin was very vigilant and solid in defense, unfortunately he had a very poor performance up front.
Vucinic (5) (flop of the match): Yes it’s him, not Gigi, because Gigi has always been a hero and a savior for us Juventini. Mirko was out of action throughout the game and did everything to not make an impact on the game, maybe he was too tired… maybe he thought that we’ve already won the Scudetto!
Quagliarella (5.5): Fabio needs to score goals, he’s doing great by creating spaces for his teammates, but on the other hand, we need him to score and give us the three points.
Matri (6): He came in too late in the game, we could see that Mitra was trying to show his real talents of a scorer, as he did everything by himself in one action, unfortunately his strike was saved brilliantly by Benassi, and there was no one near to follow the action.

Conte (7): You did your best to make a good result, we will follow you to the end of the tunnel whatever the circumstances. We trust you.

by Shaman SuperVagabond