Buffon (6.5): Gigi did well in yesterday’s game, he kept pushing his teammates forward until the end. Unfortunately he had no chance on Mauri’s header. 
Lichtsteiner (6.5): he could have done better, especially in attack, he missed a great chance to score after he received a magnificent pass from Vidal, otherwise, he’s been tireless on the right flank and showed a great resistance in defense. 
Bonucci (6,5): Leonardo was absolutely our best defender yesterday against Lazio, very ensuring in the center back throughout the 90 minutes. 
Barzagli (6): he started the game brilliantly, until Mauri’s goal, which was conceded because of his incorrect defensive positioning. 
Chiellini (6): We’re used to see him playing much better, Giorgio lost his nerves in the second half, but he managed to finish the game keeping a high rythm. 

Vidal (7): Another spectacular performance from the chilean player, Arturo was everywhere, he was very strong in the recovery of the ball. He nearly scored the goal of the season after a genius strike from 65 yards saved beautifully by Marchetti. 
Marchisio (6): He didn’t do a something to remember in last night’s game, he didn’t show the same performance as Vidal and Pirlo. 
Pirlo (7,5): He was a poison for Lazio’s defense in the first half of the game, he took over the midfield and dominated his opponents, He made a brilliant assist to Pepe’s super goal. 
Vucinic (5.5) (flop of the match): The Montenegrin is officially back to black ! He keeps missing very easy balls, searching for other spectacular ones, he could have killed the game, instead of this, he kept wasting great chances to score.
Del Piero (7.5) (top of the match): Il Capitano came in, changed the result, unlocked the game and sent Milan to the second place, from one touche, a touch of a genius, he offered a very deserved victory to Juventus. 
Quagliarella (6): We could feel his presence throughout the game contrary to Borriello or Matri, because he fought for every ball, and he showed a big strength to deal with Lazio’s defenders. Fabio played a crucial tactical role.
Pepe (7): What a goal ! Simone has scored one of the best goals of the season, what a spectacular goal ! Other than that, he wasn’t very effective, and was replaced by Matri on 72 minutes. 
Conte (7): the right change in the right moment, Il Mister has managed well to keep Milan behind. Keep this mentality and we will be the final winners.

by: Shaman SuperVagabond