Buffon (7,5): The best goalkeeper on the planet… no doubt about this ! just one save, one great save was enough to plant doubt in Fiorentina’s players, on a great shot from Lazzari, Super Gigi is officially back.

Lichtsteiner (6,5): Spectacular on the right flank, in attack, he suffered physically against Vargas, but he showed a great determination until the end of the game. Unfortunately he got the yellow card, he will miss the game against Inter.

Caceres (7): This boy has strength, he has the technic and most of all he has the speed, he used his speed in every interception he has made, definitely a true fortune in the possession of Mr Conte.

Bonucci (6.5): he was very serene throughout the game, we could see some improvement in his playing, but also his behaviour… you are a true gentelman Leonardo, keep on adopting this attitude.

De Ceglie (6,5): He has been one of the causes of Fiorentina’s suffering… in his own way ! he made a decent game. Indefatigable on the left flank, he contributed to our outstanding ball possession.

Marchisio (6,5): Il Principino is back to scoring, we could see him everywhere, he participated in most of the actions in attack.

Vidal (7): A true soldier in midfield, he has put a lot of pressure on Fiorentina’s wingers, especially Vargas, and he’s been crucial for the final result by scoring his third goal in the season.

Pirlo (8): Author of a great performance, he has been the engine of the team, like usual, Andrea played the role of the leader in midfield, a true go-between, he also scored his second goal with> Juve’s jersey.

Pepe (6): we can clearely notice that Pepe is a player who knows how to sprint, he was maybe the only one able to stop Vargas, with his great speed.

Matri (6): Fiorentina’s defense has been struggling because of his intelligent movements, he was very solid in all of his duels, unfortunately he couldn’t score.

Vucinic (8,5) (top of the match): The montenegrin is beyond the reach since the last week, is it the big return of the real Mirko? definitely man of the match, one goal and two assists, he was very creative in building the attacks.

Padoin (6,5): What an efficiency! He came in just to score a goal, the man’s way to prove that he deserves a place in a legendary club.

Conte (7): The man of the situation, Il Mister has showed a great wisdom throughout the whole week, we could see a noticeable change in the playing system, but also we could see the big confidence that players have showed. 

by: Shaman Supervagabond