Marco scored his first goal in bianconero, a very precious goal that brings Juve one step closer to the Scudetto
Buffon (.): Cesena has played only the defense, so Gigi had nothing to do throughout the game.
Chiellini (6.5): he has done well by keeping Cesena’s strikers out of action, he closed all the spaces on the left side, and he gave a hand to the attack especially in the second half.
Bonucci (7): Very confident, and very ensuring, Leonardo is getting stronger game after game.
Barzagli (6.5): Andrea has been very serene in his playing, he knew how to keep the ball between his feet without commiting fatal mistakes.
Caceres (5,5): the uruguayan was prefered by conte over Lichtsteiner, unfortunately, he couldn’t bring the needed quality on the right flank, and he lacked of solutions in every time he joined the attack.
Vidal (5.5): The warrior wasn’t in his best form against Cesena, he fought for every ball in the midfield, but couldn’t really make the difference, he lacked aggressiveness in the second half, maybe because he picked up a yellow card in the first half.
Pirlo (6): After missing the penalty kick that could have changed the whole match, we could notice a big confusion in his playing, which affected the team’s performance, fortunately he could find some of his usual performance in the last minutes of the match after being applauded by Juve’s tifosi.
Marchisio (7): Il Principino is back. He was our best element in midfield, he replaced Pirlo in the middleman’s role, creating spaces for De ceglie on the left flank, he brilliantly won all of his duals against Cesena’s players.
De Ceglie (6,5): Another outstanding performance from Paolino, very energetic on the left side, he gave so much support to the attack.
Vucinic (7): He didn’t do so much to make an impact on the game, but in his own way, Mirko has been crucial, as he made a great assist to Borriello’s winning goal.
Matri (5) (flop of the match): Mitra didn’t score since the 25th week against milan in San Siro, even so he had a great scoring chance to unlock the game, but he missed it unbelievably. Fortunately we will get Quagliarella back for the next game against Novara.
Giaccherini (6.5): he came in as a replacement for Caceres, author of a poor performance, the little man has brought some freshness to attack, and he has done a great job on the left flank after the entry of Del Piero.
Del Piero (6.5): Magical Capitano ! he could have been a scorer in yesterday’s game against Cesena, but his free kick was saved brilliantly by Antonioli.
Borriello (7.5) (top of the match): Undoubtedly, Marco was the only man of the match against Cesena, our savior, Conte’s hero, He scored the winning goal, and he left us with high hopes, Congratulations handsome man.

Conte (6.5): His Juve never stops entertaining us, he worked hard since he took his responsabilities, he transmitted the winning spirit into his players, now he’s on the track of his first important trophy with Juventus.

by: Shaman SuperVagabond