Being Juventino… Is a hell of a drug !
Buffon (.): Gigi is number one, Gigi is a Champion.
Barzagli (7.5): He was My favourite player in tonight’s game. A very steady performance during the whole season, he deserves to be a part of the Italy squad in the next Euro.
Bonucci (7): we’ve found the vice Pirlo ! He assisted brilliantly for Juve’s first goal that was very crucial to unlock the match. Bravo Leo
Chiellini (7,5): You’ve always been one of us, and Juve’s leader in the back line.
Lichtsteiner (6): Unfortunate Stephan, he left the pitch badly injured early in the game after a brutal intervention from Pinilla. Get well soon Champion !
Vidal (5,5): Unluckily he picked up a yellow card early in the game, after that, he lost all his concentration.
Pirlo (8): If magic had a name it would be ‘Pirlo’. Thank you Maestro for everything, you’re one of us now.
Marchisio (7): Tonight he won his first Scudetto,he had a great season. You deserve it Champion.
Pepe (7.5): He came back and we won the Scudetto. Simone was in his best form tonight, he made a few crazy runs and he tried to shot on target.
Matri (5.5): He’s been so out of his real form lately, he reminded me of Borriello when he first came to Juve. Mitra could not hold to the ball between his feet, and his positioning up front is getting worse. Anyway, he’s one of our Champions.
Vucinic (7.5): His goal was very crucial, it has unlocked the game and gave confidence to the whole team. He went so close to the title a few years ago with Roma, now he is a champion as a juventino. Congratulations Mirko.
Caceres (7): Martin came in early in the game to replace the injured Lichtsteiner, he has done very well, especially in defense as he has blocked all Cagliari’s counters from the right flank. He also was behind the second goal.
Giaccherini (6,5): The little man came in to give a boost to his teammates. After the final whistle, he celebrated the Scudetto like a big man.
Borriello (6): I thought that he had scored the second goal, it could have been the best goal of the season ! Unfortunately for the hank !

Conte (10) (top of the match): Top of the season as well, man of the season ! Thank you Mister for bringing back the joy to all the juventini hearts, you made of Juve a real competitive team, now we can begin dreaming of something more, something bigger… maybe with a couple of quality players, we can conquer Europe and win the CL. We will follow you to the very end, we owe you this succes.

Inter (0) (top of the merda): thank you for being such a merda !
Milan (0.5) (top of nothing): Allegri: “Guys ! what about Muntari’s goal ?”

See you next week!
by Shaman SuperVagabond