The Serie A calendar have a one week delay due to the postponement of match day 33, following the tragic death of Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini. This most shocking and sad news comes to us in a time where we must remember that as huge as football may be, it remains a sport, an entertainment, a game. And the limits that may be pushed further should only be passional ones, never physical. 
Rest in peace, Piermario. The hearts of the entire world’s football community feel for you.  

Now, back to Calcio. 
The postponement of the Cesena game means two things. We now face Roma instead, who represent the last top team we must endure this season. We then  rival the three bottom teams, one after the other. Which only means that if we successfully tackled our first “top team test”, we now enter a second one, the “bottom team test”, which proves very much tricky. But more on that next week.  

 So Rome. The capital, legions, Caesar, roads, aqueducts, sanitation, orgies, vomitariums…crucifiction. Scratch the past sentence, absolutely pointless…

Roma has been an impressively uneven team this season. They can score 5 goals in a match with apparent ease, only to have Lecce feed them the same medicine a matchday later. This only makes them unpredictably dangerous. However, as inconsistent as they have been, they have also had moments of sheer brilliance and demonstrating a very attractive football.  In my opinion, Roma is a team that will very much grow in the upcoming seasons. They have a very rich line-up, with promising youngsters and led by a coach that (provided he is not sacked) is audacious and intelligent. They play an intelligent, organized, possession-based game with a fierce cutting edge up front. Sounds like centurions to me. And I’m not forcing the title here. Well, I am. A bit, but I’ll just continue.  
Since we’ve established that Roma is a bit centurion, I’d say we are more like a gladiator character. Just think of what has brought us where we are. Determination, aggression, pride and a never-give-up mentality. But above all else, what has led our way is the will. And now that we carry a great momentum, and that rebellion success is around the corner, we won’t let any capital forces stop our advance.  

 Even though we did actually kick their buttocks in at the Coppa, we know that cup and league are very different matters. So, We have been under on the scoresheet thrice this season, and one of them was in fact against Roma. In my opinion, that match was the hardest one we’ve had to come back from, apart form the fact that the goal came as a very fortuitous incident, namely an Estgarribia shot-fail which sliced as a center for Chiellini. And all this was against a decimated roman side, which also received truckloads of help from a face-palm performance by our man Vidal.  
I just point this out merely to remain careful, as Roma have a very competent side and even though Daniele De Rossi is tipped to return to central defense yet again,(where, admittedly, he delivered and impressed) their line-up will not be as affected as last time. 
Stekelenburg is likely to miss out, so shoot, shoot shoot.  Front trident Totti-Lamela-Osvaldo are set to feature in front of a very dangerous midfield with Pjanic and Gago in it.  Beware, beware, we’re almost there. (rhyme, so intended) 


Be it 4-3-3 or 3-5-2, as we’ve used them both against them, it’s highly unlikely that we will see Esti on the left, as we did on the league match. Conte has already suggested that Quags will probably sit the game, which can only mean Matri, and I say only because if our other starting option is the man with the moustache…well, we don’t want to know. If Leo gets to play, he will wear that polycarbo-silice-fiber-thing mask! That’s always bad-ass, well, except for Pazzini’s, as it had “il Pazzo” written on it, and had butterflies and shit stamped on it too.   

3-5-2  Buff/Martín-Barz-Chiello/Licht-Vidal-Pirlo-Marchisio-PDC/Matri-Alex.

And now for something completely different…


Fino alla Fine.
Pablo Giles