I don’t know why I like History so much, I guess because knowing History gives you a perspective on the Future and reminds you what you’ve done wrong and not to do again!

Well, in July 2011 I was talking about Differences between JUVENTUS and Barcelona and I put all my faith in this MAN – >
Time proved me I was right. We are on the second place in Serie A and in the Final of Italian Cup. But the best thing is not that we are again taking into consideration.
The best thing is that Mr. Conte managed to change in 8 Months the mentality of an entire team. 
Let’s take for example, the defense: except Lichtsteiner/Caceres which almost never played together (except the genoa game), we are talking about same players from the Most Beaten Defense in Serie A 2010-2011, meaning De Ceglie, Chiellini, Barzagli, Bonucci!
Let’s move to the midfield, which is in fact the place that change to 180 Degrees the Faith of this Year. When Buffon heard that Pirlo is coming at zero parameter he said Pirlo is the Deal of the Century! And what came next we all know. The biggest surprises were two in fact: “Il Principino” and “King Arturo”. All three becoming the best Midfield in Serie A and not only, the one and only, MVP.
The attack is the same with one exception, Mirko Vucinic, who might prove to be decisive in the Final Sprint of Serie A! But the others are the same, not taking at all into consideration, Mr. Playboy, we have the same Mitra Matri, ADP, Eta Beta and the biggest surprise of the first half of the season, Pepe.
So, of course, that Pirlo, Vidal, Licht, Vucinic were and are still important  pieces from the new Juventus Puzzle but in fact the Most Important Piece in this Big Puzzle is Mr. Conte!
He created a Strong Group which works and believes in him until the END.
Mister managed to STAMP the JUVENTUS DNA to a Group of players considered by many, a bunch of losers at the end of the 2010-2011 season.
I was reading the past days a Tactical Analysis of a Match, JUVENTUS – Bayern 1-4 (it’s in Italian), which was the START of the End of a Cycle. The end of a destroyed Team by a Fake Scandal, Farsopoli.
The hate that I was feeling in 2009 towards Ciro “Rocky” Ferrara, I found later  that it was in fact the Rage against all those responsible for the Farsopoli. He was just the one to conclude the Work of the Biggest Incapables in this Team History (the Horrible Trio, which is now history). One of them, I won’t write his name, admitted recently that he was close to make his Biggest Deal, players exchange Buffon – Abbiati! And with this I think I’ve said enough about the Juventus Management after Farsopoli!
This is the Week in which we’ve already met our TRUE oldest Rival, AC Milan and will face our biggest Enemy, M***A. Here is the Official preview:
Understanding our History, we know that in spite M***A is now, just a 7th place team in Serie A, is the same team that never knew that Scudetti have to be won on the field! They still claim that 2005-2006 have won the Scudetto. Are they serious?
Recent History also tells us, that the same team is called Prescritti, this are words of our President, Andrea Agnelli, not mine: The championship of 2006, that the commissioner Guido Rossi delivered to M***A by an administrative act, have called it the title of honest, but at this point is the title of the prescribed.
So, knowing our History, My Dear Juventini from all over the World, the game from Sunday is the Most Important Game of the Year, because we have to defend our Past!
I hope that the Entire Group of Players will understand that Sunday night they will FIGHT for Heart and Honor of JUVENTUS FANS all over the WORLD!
I conclude as Mister Claudio Zuliani likes to say:

Fino alla fine Forza Juventus! In Goal!