If there’s a team that has recently been able to defeat us is Palermo. Excluding what we did to them On Nov. 20th (which funnily is my country’s Revolution day) we had not been able to cope with them since late 2009. They had always managed to get around us and make the scoresheet favor them. And for two consecutive seasons, they tore
us to home and away defeats. Yes, they have been our venom.
But aren’t we different now? Aren’t we challenging for top honors? Don’t we come from thrashing 3 consecutive top teams in a 3:10 game:goal ratio?
Yes, yes and yes. So now that we have the upper hand, it’s vendetta time for Palermo.
Our current form is arguably the best we’ve been on this season, with key players overachieving, and the net being found again, thus curing our pareggitis. So our form is what precisely can help us make Palermo another team we’ve beaten twice this season (read: Merda).

As much as they sit in an unflattering mid-table 9th place, Palermo remain a good team with some virtues, away victories not being one of them, clearly, as they only just recorded their first one against Bologna. But their below-par season can be no reason to take them lightly.
If one as much as compares last year’s Rossanero to the current, one will undoubtedly find certain obvious elements that it is now lacking. Now, I don’t want to be incisive and I don’t want to name names, but Javier Pastore and Antonio Nocerino are surely missed in Palermo.
That aside, their greatest deficiency this year resides in their defense. Surprisingly, they have conceded a staggering 47 goals this season, tied to last-placed Cesena, and only surpassed by no-defense Genoa and relegation-zone Novara. Shabby to say the least. So, that 3-0 kick about we stroke down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger, comes as little to no surprise.

Looking at their men, we sort of tend to look at the forward end, as their deficiencies at the back have already been addressed. Actually, as bad as they have been conceding, they have been pretty decent converting. Their goal tally is but 5 less than ours, and it is mainly because of a couple of men up front.
Fabrizzio Miccoli. He left us for an alleged complaint of lack of time on the pitch, as DelPiero took those minutes to himself, righteously, of course. Now, I read he speaks of convincing old Alex to join the Palermo outfit, and even give him his own n.10 shirt. Be as it may, this man holds heavy displeasure towards Juventus, as he has shown it pretty much every chance he has. He sure is a dangerous man, and the prospect of being the one who conquers us in is one he would relish. Especially since we just jeered and whistled the living haircut out of him.

I once met Josip Ilicic on a YouTube highlight video of his and I honestly was more than impressed. He has skill, technique and an outrageous ability for long shots. He already gave us a hell of a scare on the home game early during the match. Happily for us and boo-hoo for him, we have the best goalkeeper in the world (I say this truly and honestly) who came superbly out to deny him.

I believe he is their main man, as their game pretty much passes through him. We must be careful.
Abel Hernandez has been somewhat of a monumental promise since, what, 2009? I’m not gonna say he’s failed to deliver, but his delivery has been a bit of a failure. No, really. The young Uruguayan has skill. He can be quite explosive at times and his flair is undeniable. Don’t let the kid give us a scare. Wait, I think he’s suspended. Oh, well.

Apparently, Silvestre and Balzaretti are out too, much to our convenience.
That’s pretty much it. Play like we’ve been playing and bomb the hell out of Viviano.

Since Palermo have been playing a 3-5-2 recently, and knowing Conte’s approach to such teams, it is more than likely that we will see that same formation on Saturday.
We’ve all had our love/hate relationship with that line-up, and even though I feel it should only be deployed against stronger teams (read: Napoli, Udinese), it may just do the trick.
Before I get to the line-ups, there’s a petite thing I want to say.
Alessandro Del Piero should not only remain with us next season, he should be our current starter!!!
What was that against Napoli? He entered for barely a few minutes and picked up a beautiful assist after a wizard move, shortly before creating 3 very dangerous chances. I believe he still is our most dangerous attacking force. The man enters the pitch and our whole team changes. That’s just the way he was born.
I say, start him for the remaining matches!

Bufflubber/Martín-Barz-Chiello-Paolino/KingArthur-Pirlo-PrinceMarchisio/ Quags-Pinturicchio-Vucinic.


Palermo will play with will and might, especially since we sort of humiliated them in Turin. But I believe is us that will go out to play an extraordinary game, in search of that vendetta.
They have been our venom. The antidote: another ass whooping.
And they will know our name is the Lord, when we lay our vengeance upon them.

Oh, right.

Fiorentina, check.
Inter, check.
Napoli, check.

Fino alla fine.
Pablo Giles
Ezequiel 25:17