Set aside for just a minute what´s happening in the league, and the fact that we come from our biggest scoring match in the season.  And that we shredded Violets into Potpurri. Yes, I too was more than delighted, but set it aside for just a minute.

We face Milan in the second leg of the Coppa semis. Now, as far as we´re concerned, we have played  them 3 times out of 4 available fixtures, recording 2 wins and 1 draw. And that´s all so nice. But as far as Milan is concerned, they will come at us with everything they´ve got, penalties and all. So in terms of what Tuesday offers us, this will be Mortal Combat.
The first leg saw us dominate through large periods of the game with a few scares provided by a demonic Ibrahimovic. However, good old Martin came along with his 2.0 debut to finish off a stubborn Milan side with a tap-in and a classy curler. And best of all, it happened in their turf, meaning that not only we have a numerical advantage in the scoreboard, but also two valuable away goals. Clearly, none of this means we have already made it to the final, since Milan are very strong right now and carry an impressive momentum. So getting the best of them will be no easy task.
Yes, they will come at us like orcs (no offense, Gennaro). They won´t let us secure a place in the final and they´ll try to fuck with our morale in the league.
So let´s show them different. We play them at home, with the full support of our fans, and with the confidence of having just played an amazing game of football against Fiorentina. By the way, 1 goal and 3 assists Mirko? Whaaaat? Those are Messi  numbers! I knew he would come back. He needed to show us his worst for his best to arrive. Keep it up. And Buffon,  anthology save. It´s like he has Flubber or something.
It’s a Coppa match, where generally there is a bit of rotation, however the question is how much will Conte and Allegri actually rotate, given it´s a decisive match. Im going for not so much.  Ibra will be there, infront of Emmanuelson, and alongside The Shaarawy (funny, in Spanish “El” means “the”).
I think MVP will be there too, given that Milan´s weak spot lies in midfield.
Anyway, here´s an improvised, from-the-top-of-my-head XI:
(4-3-3) Bufflubber/Cáceres-Bonucci-Chiellini-Paolo/Marchisio-Pirlo-Vidal/Vucinic-Quags-DelPiero.
Or nothing like that…
Anyway here´s a hypothesis as to what´s going to happen, from Tuesday on:
We will beat Milan to the Final, and later win the Coppa, Meanwhile they will get their asses kicked by Barcelona, throwing them out of the Champions League. Their subsequent chronic depression of failing at both objectives will lead to a dip in form in the league, while miraculously Juventus  march on and leap-frog them to reclaim the summit and Bob´s your father´s brother. Right? Right?


So be it.
BTW, I wouldn´t mind a little of Chiellini´s elbow on Zlatan´s face…again. Outside of the box, of course. We don´t want no Milanalties. 
by: Pablo Giles