Just a quick something on the cover. Lecce means milk in Spanish..”leche”. So it’s always funny to hear a team called “milk”‘ especially for people who know nothing of Calcio, as happens often within my social circle. I must admit it is quite silly, so the first thing that came to my mind, was indeed a red & yellow glass of…milk. 

 Ok. First, I’d like to thank my man Ayan for covering up for me last week. I indeed suffered from food poisoning when eating shortly after watching Allegri complain AGAIN had work to do, so I had to miss out on Novara.  But I’m back now, and as you have clearly noticed, the highly analytical and statistical ways of Ayan have been momentary as the less-professional and much sillier writing of mine returns for them previews. (read: red & yellow milk…) 
But alas, Lecce is in order, ready and set to be dispatched as they stand in our rampant way for glory. 

I know this is highly unlikely, (and I hate this kind of speculation) but given a Milan defeat, we could become champions by late tomorrow, at least, mathematically.  But since this would depend on the side led by Massimiliano AllegrIF to tumble(see what I did there, with the IF?), such a scenario is best kept without speculation, to instead focus on what we are doing so fucking amazingly great: winning.  


They can very much be a tricky team. IMO, they sometimes manage to play very good football, and it surprises me to see them near-relegated, after poor poor Genoa and next to non-existent duo of Novara and Cesena. Actually, speaking of surprises, there is one that certainly does not flatter our attack: Di Michelle alone, has scored more than any Juventus player this season. So, yes my friends, we do need a +20 goal bomber next campaign, but it still is early to get into that. When the time is right we will go crazy on fantacalcio. 

There is a reason behind the colours of the front cover. Yellow, red and blue are not only the colours of Lecce, but also of Colombia (and of Ecuador, Venezuela, Romania, etc. They are quite popular colors, you know?)  Doesn’t it seem that Colombia has grown in SerieA? Come think of it, many players from the country of coffee have not only developed in Italy, but have actually stood out as real talents. One thinks of Yepes, Córdoba, Armero. Indeed, great players. But as of late, two new ones have emerged, two enormous young talents which have without doubt been the highlight of their team. I speak of Juan  Cuadrado and Luis Muriel

Sorry lads, but there won’t be any dancing around in Turin.
As much as they are likely to migrate to much bigger clubs come next season, they remain for now in Lecce and can make some serious damage. 

Cuadrado is a speedy, tricky right winger. 
Muriel is a speedy, tricky forward.  

And both can and have scored amazing goals that would make Messi proud. However, they remain with little experience and luckily for us, in a team that is not likely to make do for a good support. As happened earlier on the year, when we actually struggled to take all 3 points at the Via del Mare , it was Juan Cuadrado that kept coming in from the right. Those were the days when Chiello was a starting left-back, but I won’t say that as it might jinx it and Conte might start him there again. Point is that Cuadrado did own Chiellini for a period of the match, until the Gladiator’s world class experience and intelligence settled in and he stopped going to him, and instead waited and usied more of his physical play. 
Regardless of the strategy, we must be very careful, for they really are very fast and agile, and with fast I mean Borriello-fast…..kidding. They’re really fast, let’s just leave it at that. 

As for the rest of the squad, being honest, they shouldn’t make too much of an opposition, but so did Novara, and that came out as some tense, nail-biting shit! 


Quags is likely to get the nod ahead of Matri, who has had a poor run of form. Mirko is being an amazing contributor. MVP is the boss of all midfields, as the Triforce has been retaken.  Defense is a rock. 
It is likely we will stick to 3-5-2, only to later in the game, when we are 3 up, revert to a weird 2-5-3 to put more pressure and add on our goal tally. 

 And now for the silly names. 


Bufflubber/Barslidegli/Birthday-Boy,Goergous Chiellini/Steiner,Power, Wisdom, Courage, Kelso/Ella-Ella-E-E-E-Fa-bio Quagliar-Ella (with an “Umbrella” rythm), Miracle Vucinic.

 BTW, that actually was Elia on the pitch, right?  He sure did miss that last header, but there were some neat flashes of talent there. And above all, he was extremely eager! That’s the way Eljero, 110% is the least you can give at Juventus! Hoping to see him tomorrow. 




P.S- Happy Birthday Leo! 

Fino alla Fine. 
Pablo Giles