Happy days, people. We come from a superbly played goal-frenzy match followed by the elimination of Milan from the Coppa Italia, which means we have a place at Rome for the Final. There is a feeling that we can further build up this momentum. We can feel it.
But il mister Conte speaks the truth, and wisely: We have not achieved anything, not just yet. We must wipe our happy faces and save them until the end of the season. Now is not he time for complacency, but for determination.
However, the time is right to meet our International friendly comrades from Milan, also known as M***a. Yes, it´s true, they´re poopy. So let the ones of Black and Blue come. No, not the Backstreet Boys…as gay, but much, much uglier folk…
Let us just look back at the front cover of this article. That´s right, scroll up and you´ll find an interesting fact. Last year at this exact time in the league, we were on 7th place while M***A was on 2nd. Funny, now it seems it´s the other way around. Indeed, the tables have turned. We have kept a solid pace up until now, with it´s ups and downs of course, while M***A  just seem to be unable to do it. They started the season in poor fashion and remained near the relegation zone for more time than they would want us to know. We know. They have since clawed their way back “top” into an unflattering 7thplace, however they just don´t seem to pick it up.
Poor M***A  is facing horrid times. Should we pity them? I…don´t think so. Maybe feel a little sorry? Not so much, either. Lets just beat them 3-0 and further demonstrate their inability to actually win matches. Enough of this.

A game against M***A transcends the terrain of sports. It reaches emotional and political levels without question. The tension in a match between Italy´s two most successful clubs is near tangible. Even though its always fun to have a nemesis which we can love to hate, things tend to get out of control when hate banners and racist chants are at the order of the day. I´d say it´s no longer fun when tragedies of the size of Heysel are used as mockery for the dull purpose of getting back at us.
Anyway, as intense and extreme a Juventus vs M***A may get, it still is a spectacle which commonly produces very emotional and attractive football. Let us not forget some of the recent goals scored in these fixtures. Be it Maicon´s painful but stunning volley or Marchisio going all brazilian and dribbling past Samuel to score an absolute peach.
But this time they come visit our arena, which we have proudly built into a true fortress. Lets just see how they cope.
By the way, they appear to be missing Sneijder. Not that he’s on form or anything. Just though I’d mention it.
VUCINIC– Yes, cause he deserves his own item.

I repeat. He had to show us his worst, for his best to come.
At Firenze, he simply ruled the match, Messi-like. And against Milan he, well…Here´s how it was. On extra time we surely and undeniably controlled the game. We all were impatient, as the goal appeared to be on it’s way, but honestly, how many of us actually tough it would come the way it did? What a fucking rocket! And it had to be in extra time to add to the dramatism. Honestly, I chest-slide celebrated on my living room floor. How long has it been since we saw such a disrespectful goal that far out that didn’t come from a Pinturicchio set piece?  I remember a Cristiano Zanetti one when we played in an empty stadium..but..any more..?
The form of the Montenegrin has come in a moment that could prove vital to our struggle for success.
If he can keep it up, we can actually keep our hopes up for the double.
Remember Mirko scoring against them at their turf?  We should hope for him doing it again. That way he´ll even attain the 6 Ms:
“March, the Month of Mirko the Montenegrin: Man of the Match.”

Let us now show everyone who´s in charge. Let the tifosi chants deafen the M***azzurri faithful. Let´s make sure they know that entering our new home is more than just a visit. It´s hell in black and white, and blue is certainly not welcome.
Fino alla Fine.
Pablo Giles