You know ! this is not Turin, neither Milan… it’s just another place from another country, on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, a little city called Sousse, in Tunisia, my home… in the streets where I grew up. I’ve always been a Juventus fan, since the late 90’s, driving my bicycle around the city, I had that pride of being Juventino… I thought that I was the only one to support the Old Lady, I believed in this for 12 years. Until the other day, while driving my car around the city ! I was passing by an old neighbourhood, near to a high school… I’ve noticed some writing on the wall, I read a familiar name written on the wall, a precious name… there were another name on the wall, it was very strange to realise it, in such a small peacefull place. as you can notice, the original writing was ‘Forza Inter’, I asked the neighbourhood’s grocer about it, ‘the original writing was made in Inter’s glorious years (2009/2010)’ he said… ‘ but last year, some group of local supporters, came by and made some changes on the writing’ he added. the group of supporters is called ‘Brigade Rouge’ (red Brigade) they are the main group of supporters of the local team ‘Etoile Sportive Du Sahel’ one of the best teams in Tunisia and one of the most successfull in Africa…

It seems that the tag is highly protected by the group of supporters… That only shows the great popularity of Juventus in the world, Europe, Africa and America.
The true power of passion… I thought of that in first place, Juventus reign is back… in my country we’ve always supported italian teams, only in the last years, with the new generations, people began to show interest to spanish football thanks to the success of FC Barcelona, and Real Madrid in Europe… but the groups of Ultras here, are still faithfuls to the italian football… because it had a great impact on their mentality in the past.
In my way back home, I took other pictures, some works made by the same group of supporters ‘Brigade Rouge’ (BR01), very interesting and artistic.
By writing this article, I only wanted to show you dear Juventini, the true value of Juventus in the world, despite all the shit, that happened to the club, and fucking farsopoli scandal…Juve are the masters of the game, they will always be, no one can deny the way we affect the crowds.

this are some of the pictures I’ve took…

by: Shaman SuperVagabond