“These are real stories and real feelings! It’s my “ encyclopedia” of football moments dedicated to only one dream, to only one spirit, to only one great Legion of invincible warriors, JUVENTUS TORINO! Some of you may agree with me, some of you may not! There is just one undeniable truth though: ALL WHO SHARE MY ADDICTION ARE A PART OF THE STORY! They lived this together with me, they cried like mad men when we lost and went high to taste de sublime rapture in VICTORY! And if you are too young to have lived these moments wait your turn, Juventus won’t disappoint you and you’ll have wonderful tales of your own. “

Yes, we won 30 Scudetti!
Yes, we are the best team in Italy and not only! 
Yes, Antonio Conte is unbelievable and his achivement sent a shockwave to the italian mobsters at the top of the Federation.
Yes, Fester Galliani is still crying after allowing Pirlo move to the glorious rivals.
Yes, they tried desperately to cover this triumh in filth using their old technique , a fake trial , but as a result we are even stronger! 
Yes, yes , yes!
But how was all this possible after „due settimi posti”? Everywhere I go I hear the same thing: Conte brought back „la juventinita”! We all know how the truth is always on top of all things, so here is the question: what is this „juventinita”? Is it a DNA thing? Comes from experience , form the history of this almighty club? Well, I think it’s there from the begining! 
Juventus is known around the world of football as an aristocratic club , but without that fake and cheap spanish glamour involving kings and queens, stars or tenors! It’s noble because it has values forever written in the heart of all suporters, because we keep the legacy of the original founders in 1897! The joy for the game , the win or die atittude , the awareness of being part of a growing legend , the struggle for succes even when it seemed impossible! That, together with profesionalism build the already famous „Juventus spirit”. They are stronger? We are smarter! They dance like fairies around the ball? We give them a war they cannot handle! Are they valse? We are heavy metal! They copied our tactics and tried to be tougher? We offer them the element of surprise and prove more skill with the ball! Like every great general that ever lived this team had a countermove for everything , allowing us to reach a high level of concentration and then success! 
Every player in the world knows that Juve is a challenge in his carrier , arriving here changes the view about football , life and self esteem. The name Juventus means values , 100% effort and willingness , forcing your limits over the top , being capable to predict adersaries moves and not only! To be more precise , you can possess all the talent in the world , that may not be enough for you to become a „bianconero”! And if I am not convincing you , maybe the names Furino, Gentile, Deschamps, Davids, Tachinardi, Chiellini, Vidal could give you a hint.We do not need 11 ballerines on the pitch! We field no more then two „maestros” and 9 berserkers! And that’s a trademark! We don’t buy stars , we make stars! We don’t give chances , we take chances! And most of all, WE ARE NOT FOLLOWERS , WE ARE LEADERS! The greatness of this club does not have it’s roots in trophies or „Agnelli’s money” as i heard before, but in the attitude! Ask Alex Ferguson, he knows a thing or two!

The club’s owners are an old aristocratic family with succesfull bussineses arround the world. SO the club also must be a growing industry , an economic example of how things should be done! No profit , no glory , no sales, NO LUDICROUS INVESTMENTS! You’ll never witness that arabian or russian „bazaar” behaviour! We have respect for the game, we like to grow things the healthy way , and you know why?Because we are the game! Because the respect and envy of those „bazaar salesmen” determined them to try the impossible. TO BUY WHAT THEY CANNOT CREATE! But diar arab sheiks, history, greatness and spirit cannot be bought! So i wish you a long trip…down!

I heard the other days a very „mainstream loved by the media” manager saying these words: “I don’t hate Juventus because i used to manage Inter , but because facing them always gave me the fear I could loose” I rest my case! You got the picture!

by:  Flavius Killigula

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS