Ciao Mister Dissidente, 
First of all thank you for being available. 
 Why this nickname Dissidente? 
Because of my frequent arguments with the moderators of VS Forum that was transformed from one of the best “gymnasiums for tactics” on the web in a “taxi” site of news that could be obtained anywhere. 
Since when are you a Juventus fan? 
Since 1971 (I was 8 years old) and I loved the zebras for the strange natural pajamas. A team that had a Zebra for symbol HAD to be my team. The coach was Cestmir Vicpalek, late uncle of Zdenek Zeman, and in the team were historical champions  as Morini, Furino, Salvadore, Capello, Causio, Anastasi and Bettega. 
You are an expert in tactical analysis. Why is that? 
In sports, as in life, I like to understand the reason for what happens and tactics explains almost everything that happens on the field. 
Can we call you “Mister” then? 
In the literal sense of “Signore”? Alright. My times since I was a COACH are too far away. 
Let ‘s talk of tactics, what has changed this year? 
It’s still too early to tell. The team has a wider rose, seems to have a greater awareness in their own ability and plays with more calm and confidence. At the same time, however, is a group that has less hungry for victories and is difficult to see the same racing fury of last year. 
Why do you think Mister Tonio got stuck with this 3-5-2? 
Because are not ready yet the only two players in the squad that would enable to return to a convincing 4-3-3: I talk about Pepe and Isla. 
Is this a 3-5-2? or is it a 5-3-2 in many moments of the game? 
When opponents crowd the number of men in midfield, as they did Shakhtar and Fiorentina, the two wingers need to take better care of the defense. 
In other matches everything has depended, however, the performance of individuals: De Ceglie, for example, against Roma played constantly on the opponent frontline, Asamoah has alternated very offensive encounters to others much more cautious. 
Lichsteiner this year is much less present of last year when attacking. 
Conte shows to prefer not a module, but a little less daring attitude
What do you think of Giovinco? 
Good reserve. Great when you have to keep the lead and play of one touch: his speed and his technique, when available space, can be devastating. Definitely not a holder of Juve because is little physically structured and because of his continous search of the beautiful play, often slows the maneuver or makes it asphyxiated. 
What will this Juventus do in UCL 2012-13 after the first two draws? 
The UCL is a different story than the Championship. 
I think Conte in Europe must do three things: to dare, dare, dare; with the more offensive of 4 3 3 or even more with a beautiful Christmas tree (4 3 2 1) and two trequartisti behind the single striker. 
Do you think Alex would have been able to help us another year? 
Technically and tactically would have helped us a lot, but it seems (to be proven) that somehow disturbed the balance in the locker room: at the bottom line he was a teammate of Antonio Conte.  
Can we announce the people reading us that from now on, YOU will be  our tactics specialist and will be writting a tactical analysis after each Juventus game? 
I’ll do my best. 
Grazie mille Mister. Alla prossima. 
Grazie a voi. 

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS