The interview was taken and published on April 24, 2012 on MYJUVENTUS.NET
interview by: Mike Prise

First of all thank you for being available. You have to understand that even outside of Italy you are much appreciated. Quite often I translate your articles.  Since when are you a Juventus fan? 
Well, I think that the passion for Juventus is something that comes into you and sometimes it is not even handed down. My dad is milanista and my mom does not care much about football, at least until recently. I must have been born juventinobecause I remember that already at four years I loved these colors and perhaps (being of the 77), thanks to Platini and FIFA World Cup 1982 have entered into my heart growing day by day. 

Since when are you Vice – Director of 
Tuttojuve was born in 2009 in February for a brilliant idea of Micri Communication. Istarted working with the headboard in 2010 after some minor experience in journalism and a lot of experience in marketing and communications, not least because my background is a BA in Economics with a focus on marketing. I became vice director in mid-2011 and with the Director Francesco Cherchi and Chief Editor Davide Terruzzi , in addition to the other guys in the editorial we work day and night to offer a product suitable for black-white blazon. The data traffic, the growing number of readers and team results encourage us to offer every day a product to the height and spread the values of juventinità in the world that are fairness, sportsmanship, love for your colors and for your own history , full of joys, a few disappointments and of players of great depth” 

You are always up to date with all the news about Juventus, always write great articles. How do you do it? 
First of all, I thank you. I think sometimes situations occur that are undescribableand hardly explainable. Sometimes I write articles that come to me inside and they are just emotions. Juventus, for some reason makes me feel something inside that is hard to describe and simply “I enter” key emotions, trying to be as professional as possible and trying when I write an analysis to be “impartial”. 

How did you get the idea of “From Zero to Ten”? 
From Zero to Ten is a film of Ligabue that I really like, even though the film has nothing to do with hardly anything … I wanted to create a section that enshrines ten points, report cards, but also events and numbers and could be pleasant and thorough. The reading of the details pose as one of the most read sections and this makes me very happy. 

You were one of those who have accepted with great confidence the arrival of Antonio to Juve. Why you were so sure? 
Conte has been for those who saw him playing the example of a true warrior, a true champion and symbol of bianconero. After the dark years needed a guide like thisto revitalize the environment. Conte was able to convey important values and I think this year has done an extraordinary job. 

If you could buy a player without a price limit in the summer, which would  be that player? 
Excluding Messi, who in this Juventus could be critical, I think Benzema would  integrate well in this Juve. 

How do you think this Juventus will do in the future UCL? 
For Juventus UCL can not be simply a competition to participate. We must set up a competitive  rose with at least three major acquisitions: a central midfielder , a fast winger and a strong striker . 

How do you think this fight will end up with AC Milan? 
If we win all our games, we win the championship, it depends on us, would be historical … I would give everything to happen ..

The question I’m going out is avoided by all the Italian media. What were the reasons that Conte shouted to Galliani: “Who Are the Mafia?”, During the intervalof Milan – Juve? 
I state that I am not sure that has said that … or maybe he said it, but other than thatsome Juventus fans think that Milan has not paid enough for Calciopoli, since the facts have shown the involvement of the Milan was worst of Juventus. Unfortunately no one talks about these things, but the championship were not flawed, this is the truth, Juventus won because was the strongest and that’s enough.

Also going on with Farsopoli, you believe the words of Don Luciano when he says that Farsopoli, strange or not is exploded after accepting the proposal of Berlusconi to take the place of Galliani at Milan in 2005? 
Luciano Moggi in those years was the number one and Juventus won because was stronger and able to take players from Milan as Davids and players like Cannavarofrom Inter, this was the one and only difference. I think that envy is a bad thing to digest .. 

Do you really think we’ll get back our two stolen Scudetti? 
I think that Juventus has 29 league titles. They can also remove from the palmares (the other …), but the matches say that Juventus has 29 league titles and Capello had a formation with many world champions as Emerson, Vieira, Nedved, Trezeguet and Ibrahimovic … I would say that this is enough to say everything.

I do not like the 3-5-2, I never liked this. But if it give us the results … What do you think of this “fundamentalist” Conte? He switched from 4-2-4 the 4-5-1 to 4-3-3 the3-5-2 and now, where do you think he will stop? 
Conte is very good at adapting to the game players. Let us remember that in summer we all spoke of 4-2-4 and of the wings and instead Conte has transformed the team in 4-3-3 with Pepe, Vucinic and Matri and strong midfield with Pirlo, Marchisio and Vidal. The flexibility of tactics and men is fundamental and if Juventus has never lost the merit is especially of coach good to make the squad better. 

Do you think Conte will last as coach of Juventus for many years? Maybe we should create our own Sir Antonio … 
I hope that … Would you say that Conte has won a lot. Of course everything will depend on the mentality of the fans and the coach desire. Italian football is very stressful … 

Why did you accept my interview? 
Because I think it’s important to make the whole world know what it means to have the bianconero blood and especially as widely as possible the true and sincere passion for our colors.  

Can you promise that you will give me, occasionally, other interviews in the future? 
Surely, if we win Scudetto or Italian Cup …;) 

Thank you very much Massimo and maintain high your great work. You have in me a big fan. 
Fino alla fine Forza Juventus!