Another Splendid Article of Pablo! Fuck! this Guy is Talented!

I just finished playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Again, Mr. Miyamoto delivered grandly. And as in every Zelda game, certain trends are a must in every installment, such as the dungeons, the Master Sword, the rupees or the shooting galleries. -Bear with me, this actually is football-related-.
But as stories may vary, there is one iconic element that appears from the NES and the GemBoy to the Motion Plus Wii, one that simply cannot be omitted:         
The Triforce.
A triangle-shaped sacred relic divided in three fragments – Courage, Wisdom and Power- which endows omnipotent capacity to it’s bearer.
Somehow, and I repeat, somehow….in recent mixed daydreams between Zelda and Calcio, I  figured Juventus is in search of it’s own Triforce, and a very interesting one, at that.  It is a force which, curiously, we have already possessed, but seemingly have lost our grip on it. We have the separate bits, but have recently failed to muster a proper brewing of their togetherness.
If you have not already guessed, I am referring to our central midfield. Our MVP. Claudio Marchisio, Arturo Vidal and Andrea Pirlo.
These fine trio of gentlemen generated some of the best played football in Europe not long ago. They filled us with hope of achieving dreams we wouldn’t have imagined possible last season. They were the pillar of a team battling with passion and beauty.
Even more so, they perfectly represent the forces that the Triforce represents.
Marchisio is pure Courage, Pirlo is a man of Wisdom, while Vidal is full of Power.
They, together formed our icon, our emblem, our MostValuablePlayers.
A Homemade Picture again… Splendid…
Sadly, as of late they seem to have fallen apart on the pitch. Some good individual performances have not gone unnoticed, but that unity of three in the heart of our team hasn’t quite glittered as it did in the first half of our season.
We need them back, the three of them, together.
Now we have them back against Fiorentina, and likely to be playing alongside each other. It’s not a time for long faces and dropped heads, but a time of keeping faith and standing by our team.
So, very much like Link, we must search for that Force, one that will originate our football and reload our hopes and aspirations…because I do feel this still can be our year.

Yes, this was a geeky analogy.
Fino alla Fine
by: Pablo Giles