Another Home made Picture by our Pablo! Great!

7 goals, 2 games. Sweet baby. Lets keep it up and wait (not hope) for Milan to fall. We’ll be right behind.


If there’s a team I fear in the current Serie A is Napoli. They sit at 4th place behind an arguably undeserving Lazio side. however it is clear for me that Napoli is the third force in this season of calico. they’ve shown it with truly attractive performances in the champions league as well as domestically. And as we should be weary of the whole team, there is little room for doubt as to who are the key players in their squad. It’s their famous trio of Hamsik Cavani Lavezzi. That vanilla, chocolate, strawberry combo of neapolitan ice-cream is certainly the most sharp trident in the league. The Uruguayan is a clinical poacher, The Argentinian is an ingenious ad sneaky attacker, while the Slovak is a gifted playmaker and assist.  Together, they play attractive attacking football, while ensuring that the three of them get in the scoresheet . 
but enough about them, let’s have a look at the rest of the team, that remains dangerous.

The Mazzarri 3-4-3
if there’s something to be given to Walter Mazzarri, is that he’s been able to construct a well oiled machine that stands in the foundations of a tricky formations, as is the 3-4-3. is it offensive? is it defensive?
Napoli have been able to find the correct balance in their attacking layout by possessing the second most prolific in the league without neglecting a solid wingback-supported defense.
Other key players in the Mazzarri ice-cream lay in center midfield, as is the talented near-juventini Gokhan Inler.
Of course, Cannavaro and Campagnaro are hard guys, while getting past DeSanctis will be no easy task. 

So…leftbacks, keep their wingbacks busy but controlled. That will create space for our front three to dig in and make the best of their 3 back  men while unprotected. shoot AT goal. Miss little. 
Oh, we’ll, and deal with vanilla, choco and strawberry as best as possible. 

Starting XI.
first of all, I’d like to says little something concerning  Simone Pepe. How about benching him vs Napoli? The mans been getting far too many starting roles, and has lately failed to deliver. he did turn some pretty good performances at the start of the season, but I think his goal getting form may have tricked us into confirming him as a starter. I’ve always thought he is a decent player. actually, I see him as  a super-sub. A man who can come in at the hour mark and inject some energy and drive back in the game. however, his recent performances haven’t been his best, so maybe benching him may prove useful both for the team and for his own game. 

also, it appears that Conte has opened up to the Quagliarella option, considering using him as a wide man., or at least that is what reports suggested. As Quags capabilities to actually deliver the back-tracking game that Conte demands are yet to be put to the test, the prospect of having him feature alongside yet another 2strikers is one most of us would welcome, as it would bring raw firepower to our attack. 
now, since I have very good memories form the DelPiero-Quagliarella partnership of early 2010-2011, I’m gonna go Afro a three-pronged attack of them two with a hopefully less overconfident, Marchisio-pushing Vucinic


I repeat, we face a very dangerous team. They are good at controlling the game, and score at ease. 
Tough? Tough.
But we’ve already shown them what were capable of back at the San Paolo, and just how eager this team is. 
Plus we get to welcome them at our Arena, and it’s gonna be hell for them. 
Let’s pick up a spoon and dig into that cloying scoop of Gelatto Napolitano!

by: Pablo Giles