How much of a tornado of emotions have been these past few days. A mixture of joy and sadness after obtaining our rightful 30th Scudetto Sul Campo, but having to wave goodbye to Alessandro’s Serie A days at the same time.
Emotional wreckage.
Watching the last game of the season, minutes before we are crowned champions, but witnessing Il Capitano’s truly heartbreaking farewell lap, to send an entire stadium into tears. 
I cannot say more than what has been said about him recently. How can you? Which adjectives to use for a person that for so many of us has been more than an idol, someone  who has tore smiles and tears from our faces, and has sent us bouncing from our chairs, screaming to the top of our voices. Someone who has a shot named after him. Someone who not only belongs to a side which we love, but represents the very essence of it.
Indeed, there are no words.
I will simply say that I’ve come to the idea that I’m not sad, I can’t be. Instead I’m proud and grateful to have been able to experience his show and be a part of this truly beautiful bond that was created between Alessandro del Piero, our Capitano, and us fans, and you who are reading this.

Let’s just say, grazie Ale, grazie per tutto. 

Well, that was corny. But he’s a corny fella..

So, we are league champions. Unfuckingbeaten champions
That means things a plenty.

-Prestige and respect around the globe.
-Champions League football.
-Interest from top notch players.
-5-star team rating in FIFA 13. (yay!)
-A new shirt with not 1 or 2, but 3 stars embroided above the shield.

Seems like things are going the right way.
But something’s missing. I wonder what could make out current situation even better?
Oh, that’s right: yet another badge sewn onto our new kit with a brand new shiny silver star above it. Come think of it, another couple of badges are gonna be a lot, we will end up looking like that kid from the film UP

So if we want that sparkling silver thread, besides from delightfully being the first ones in Italy to do so is by sticking another three up DeLaurentiis’ rear beating Napoli to the final of this year’s Coppa Italia.


No, wait, before we get into Napoli, there’s something you might or might not know.
Party-pooper Alert!
Apparently, and I want to say apparently, there has been a slight, and I really want to say slight, teensy bit of a problem concerning the match, that could make the authorities push for a postponement of the game.
Now I don’t want to be the bearer of this distasteful news for those of you who didn’t know this, but this is how it is, and we should just hope for it all to settle down.
It is of course a problem of a cosmic magnitude…it is due to…wait for it…the mini-buses that drive the fans to the stadium. Yep, that’s it. 
You might have thought it was the weather, or the pitch, or the stadium, or somehow even Moratti…but no. It’s the mini-buses alright. 

I say, fly ’em is they must!
It seems that the police and the transport authorities have not reached an agreement on who will pay for the services of the buses that are to transport the fans into the stadium…

Do what you must, but settle this shit so we can enjoy the crunch match on Sunday. 


Arguably, besides Milan, the toughest team we faced during the campaign. We had to depend on divine inspiration by both Esti and Pepe to clinch a victory-flavored draw.
I remember that match as a toughie. 
Yes we virtually dismembered them limb by limb on the return fixture at home, but that means little when taking an overview of their actual qualities, an especially since the Coppa is a whole different thing.
They possess what for me is the single most heavy trident of attack in the form of Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and, as they would say on Seinfeld, the Other Guy. The three tremors….scratch that joke. 
Hamsik, Lavezzi and Cavani (cross your fingers for a transfer) are without doubt gifted attackers who complement each other, and are lethal from anywhere around the box. 
Apart from their trio, they hold a compact group with very interesting players.
But we all know who they are, and their 3-4-3 counterattacking system.
So beware of losing possession, as it could prove costly.
Bottom line is they’ll come at us with all they’ve got, which should be dangerous considering we won’t be with our full squad, but more on that on the following section.

Problems on the Left.

Giorgio is clearly out, wich is a three-fold bummer.
1- We lose our best defender. Barzagli has been a beast this season and Leo is very much improving, but let’s be real, it’s Giorgio. 
2- The formation could be at risk.
3- The Euro, though I hear he’s confident on a swift recovery, and will make it.

To make it even worse, Paolino is likely to be out too, which kind of reduces our  defensive options, particularly down the lef.t

Anyway, considering pont n.3 is a matter from another subject, we should probably focus on the first couple.
The question is who will play if we go 3-5-2? Let alone that, are we going 3-5-2 still?

Say we doThe likelier option would be back line consisting of Barz-Leo-Cáceres, along flanks covered by Licht on the right and Giacch/Pepe/Esti on the left. I guess. Martín has proven to be effective on the CB positions, and would be more comfortable than on the far left. 

Say we don’t. Unlikely option for a Conteish proposition, but maybe makes more sense considering our the situation, but then again Conte, well, you know. 
A 4 man defense would likely see Licht-Barz-Leo-and Cáceres, who I love, but let’s be honest, he stunk down the left.
And of course, in this module, Giacch, Pepe and Esti are out of the picture.

I think Conte will stick to the 3-5-2 and patch up the holes as he sees fit. 


Good news is the man is gonna be there. 
Give us one last show!




Oh, and about Ale. What could be a better farewell gift than the chance to do this again:

So, yeah, let’s win this. 

Fino alla Fine.
Pablo Giles.