Statistics can be a real pain when one is underachieving, but how much do we love them wen they favor us and in such manner. 18 goals from 6 games, and only conceding 1. I’d say a +17 outcome is quite an amazing thing. 

We carry an impressive momentum, which comes handy when just 5 games remain to be played until season end. Sunday’s ass-kicking of Roma meant the last obstacle in a “TOP TEAM” test which seemed close to impossible to complete in a macular manner. However, Juventus rocketed through, with top marks to earn a well deserved A+. But the season is not over, and as much rejoicing we may be, there is no time for that, as a new test approaches: The “BOTTOM TEAM” test. 
We all know the problems that small teams mean for Juventus, as even last season, amidst our dreadfulness, we still managed to beat the top dogs. It was the underdogs who punished us and ultimately hurled us into failure. But enough about the past, as past it remains. Let us look at the future, which is shiny shiny.

In this final stretch of the campaign, we will show what we are made of when we face a string of bottom teams, our recent nemesis. 
We begin with lat placed Cesena
So let’s ride that seahorse for the final stretch!


Spettatore Buffon/Barz-Leo-Giorgio/Licht-Vital-Pirlo-Claude-Paulie/Alex-Mirko. 

This list is getting so beautifully loooong: 


Fino alla fine. 
Pablo Giles