The Giovinco celebration meanings remain unknown…is he showing how much taller he´d like to be?

Regardless of what will happen in our race for the Scudetto, we have the definite certainty of Champions League football next season. That calls for different investments in different areas of the Juventus conglomerate, but calciomercato being our personal favorite, we might as well get a little ahead of ourselves and speculate on a scenario or two. 

Today we will explore the Giovinco case, one that has been around ever since the Ranieri days, and still remains a hot and delicate subject for the bianconeri faithful. He grew as a juventini, then he was sent on loan to Empoli where he impressed both in club and in the under-21 national squad. He came back, didn’t play much. He was sent to Parma. We sold half his rights. He’s on good form now still playing for Parma. Has attracted interest of ourselves as of other top clubs.  That’s pretty much the story, and during this whole series of events, the papers haven’t helped much to diminish the controversy.  

 As seasons pass, I have come to the conclusion that the Atomic Ant Gate is an opinionated one, duh. Sure, he did well for us. Sure, he deserved better treatment. Sure he sometimes behaved like an ass. Or did he? Or did he?

Further exploring, I took the liberty of making a census, where I interviewed various tifosi from around the globe, and based on their opinions, I found that as opinions may vary, they could be divided into three groups. Below they lay, each with its own most clear-cut, each with its own testimonial predicament taken from real life. I assure, none of them are fictional.  


Dr. E. Henry Thripshaw 
Coahuila, Mexico. 
age 34

“Why on earth would we bring him back? A team is always more important and bigger than a player. He left because he wanted to play and now he demands guarantees if he is to return? Well here’s a news flash mister, in Juventus you do not have any guarantees, you fight for your spot game after game. And don’t even get me started on the n.10 shirt incident! I wanna see him move to Barcelona, rot in the bench and have him complain for a lack of playing time, the nerve! Plus, tactically, we do not need him. If it’s a left attacker that we need  I’d take Jovetic instead of him any day. Giovinco is classy, but not the attacker we actually need.  First things first, change your attitude. Then we’ll see. He may be short in sature, but his ego is as tall as Peter Crouch.” 


Raymond Luxury-Yacht (pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove)  
Suva, Fiji
age 86

“Remember the days when he played for us, when we rejoiced at the idea of having a new found hero? Remember how he played against Chelsea? He was my idol, and I was sure hurt when we let him leave, as all of us were. The rest has been manipulation of the media. He is a a born Juventino, and any thing he might have said just proves it hurts him to have left us. There’s still black and white blood in his veins. Besides, he hasn’t done anything heretical. He left because he did not play and now he just wants to know if he’ll be having a chance if he does come back. Many people judge him based on what they read on the tabloids, which is overly dramatized and exaggerated in the majority of cases.  He is exactly the type of player we need now. Fast, agile, inventive, unbalancing and versatile. We stupidly lost half his ownership, but we can still get him back cheap. And I insist, if great Alex is to leave, there’s no one better to “replace” him with than Gio.”    


Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson
XVI century England
age 7

 “We have to handle the Giovinco case in a much more mature way. This is football and controversy is at the order of the day. We cannot bicker and argue about who said what to whom and why. The club made some mistakes, and then he made some mistakes. Personally I do not side with any party and simply hope that the final operation is benefic. Let’s forget the soap opera and concentrate on the football. 
Giovinco demonstrated great talent, when given the chance, in his time at Juventus. He has then demonstrated even greater one since his arrival at Parma. He is a very good player, no doubt. The question remains if we need him or another attacker. It is known that Marotta wants to make two attacking purchases: a bomber and a supporting forward. Gio is clearly not a poacher, so he would fit in the remaining category alongside potential targets Jovetic, Ramírez and Robben. On one hand we have these mouth-watering surnames, but also hefty in the price tag, while on the other we have Giovinco, who would come much cheaper. Quite the pickle.  It may all depend on the amount of money spent on the bomber, surely, as it is unlikely we acquire two huge players for our front line.  While the names we have been reading Juventus is linked to are positively thrilling, the possible return of Giovinco remains a boost to our line-up.”  

Can you relate to one in particular? Maybe you disagree with them all. Maybe you even have a fourth opinion that the world is yet to hear. 
There is nothing more fun than a calciomercato discussion, well, yes..a relegated Inter, perhaps.  So any way you may feel, let us know! Are you a HATER, a LOVER or in the MIDDLE?
Care to comment?

Fino alla fine.
Pablo Giles