“I’d better go for the beer… ‘Juve’ is too strong for me”

After weeks from the last clash between Milan and Juventus in Serie A, the Rossoneri coach, Massimiliano Allegri is still wailing because of Sulley Muntari goal that was not given by the referee.

Allegri has caused many polemics about the ghost goal, pulling the two sides (Milan and Juve) to an open media war. We could even feel the hate growing, all of them trying to keep Juventus under the Calciopoli’s ruins.
We all remember the decision that was taken by Antonio Conte ahead of Genoa game (the media Blackout), and you Allegri, you’re still complaining about a ghost goal, blaming the referees, and criticizing Juventus and Conte for being the best. How can you open your mouth with your team top of the penalty charts ! and with a top scorer who scored 9 goals from penalties !
Just a reminder for you, Juventus are top of the Serie A table after 32 weeks, and with only one penalty given to their side.
Criticized by his own tifosi, former defender and Milan legend Paolo Maldini criticized the Milan coach Allegri:
“There’s no point you continue to discuss the past, focus on your job, you have to forget the incident. Would be better for both parties to avoid further controversy,” he explained (P. Maldini).
Let’s just take a look on Milan’s squad, and focus on the big names they have inside their team, Ibrahimovic, Pato, Robinho, Cassano, Thiago Silva, Seedorf, Nesta, Mexes, all of them are top players I guess. Just to be honest, even my grandmother can coach Milan and be among the best teams with such stars in your hand, so the point, is that you’re still not a “Marcelo Lippi” or a “Giovanni TrapattoniMr Allegri to start behaving like one of them, you have only won a Serie A title, no I’m sorry, in fact it was ‘Zlatanocchio‘ who has won it ! So you better keep your feet on the ground and focus on your job, instead of looking behind and crying over the past.

“Zlatanocchio”: Is the nickname of the biggest liar and traitor in the football history.
I guess you know of who I’m talking here.
LOL! you Big Liar, He didn’t even mention AC Milan
by: Shaman SuperVagabond