In Juventus home is expected with great anticipation the final consecration of Patrice Evra, the Frenchman snatched from Manchester United with a very onerous contract has not yet managed to enter fully into the Juventus mechanism also because of the physical problems that forced him to stop last month, one of the new module in which Massimiliano Allegri has gone from three defense in the four module also dear to the French that in England has used it almost always.

The performance in pre-season had been with ups and downs and the last in the derby against Torino was definitely not a game of the highest profile and memorable, indeed Bruno Peres seemed a pendulum compared to Evra.

The former United arrived in Turin with high expectations and with the desire to re-launch with a jersey other than the Reds Devils where practically besides being captain was a column for years.

From here in January, Patrice, seen the injured Asamoah, will have every opportunity to prove he is still a player of the highest profile as his resume says. Moreover on the wing we really need, Asamoah will be out for more than three months and Padoin is an adapted player in the role of left full-back.

For Juventus, Evra may be the solution to the problems of an organic or he thereby become a serious problem if he fails. His salary and contract is important, the French has the task of becoming a milestone and not a burden.

adapted in English an article of MAssimo Pavan from tuttojuve