The commentators on ESPN, the most large and respected company in the world of SPORTS TV, should be: informed … to inform. The misinformation that their commentators do, is harmful to its reputation.
In any football match in which Juventus plays ESPN commentators speak and repeat of hard times for Juve started with the relegation in B. The say and they repeat that the reason of the punishment was because Juventus had rigged the results of the matches. Disgustingly not true! The verdict of 2006 against Juventus did not say that Juventus fixed matches, but that her leaders were the only executives to have an exclusive relationship with the referee designators.
But in the last five years ‘the truth come out’: inter and milan were trying to fix matches. And the offenses committed by these teams have felt into prescription ! Was said in a official statement on FIGC the federal prosecutor Stefano Palazzi !

And by what has been said and written in 2006 in the media (RCS-Corsera-Gasport etc..), I do not find any confirmation that Juve has been found guilty of having fixed games in the championship of the Serie A: so from where they are finding this kind of confirmations the commentators of ESPN?

If I am right, the Juventus management should politely ask ESPN to stop saying lies that misinform and slander the image of Juve. Indeed, if ESPN wants to talk about Calciopoli, to be proper informed about the prescription scandal of Inter, who although being guilty of MUCH more serious crimes than those attributed to Juve summarily, not only was not punished but rather was “shamefully” rewarded with the assignment of one of the championships taken away from Juve.

I would not be surprised if ESPN were incapable of understanding the topic. Some things happen only in Italy and perhaps better only in the tragicomic Italian drama in which FIGC comfortably acts the primary as an actress.

The fact remains that Juve is insulted at every opportunity embarrassing and unjust american Juventus fans. Until Juve remains unable to correct the ESPN should do better not to come to America.

by: Federico Antonio
adapted by: Mike Prise