Yes! we are the same players to which you, Italian fans, are singing in each Serie A game, “Sapete solo rubare!”. Question for you Italian Fans, should we go to Euro 2012 and fight for you?
If the answer is Yes, Shut the Fuck Up then!
Interesting study of the ESPN, sports network leader in the U.S. , who on his site questioned on this matter: Which is the team that has provided more World Champions? The answer is very simple: Juventus. “There is a clear winner,” declares the ESPN “if we classify clubs based on the players, World Championship winners, Juventus is the greatest team on the planet.” 

The Old Lady has indeed counted among her line ups as many as 24 world champions in charge, of which only 2 foreign-Zinedine Zidane and Didier Deschamps-winners in 1998. 

“There is a equally clear: a good contingent of Juventus is the decisive factor for Italy to win the World Cup. In 1938 Italy won with less than 5 juventini, while in ’34 no less than 9 were the Bianconeri in the selection of the world champion. 6 Juventus players in the triumph of the Bianconeri Mundial ’82 and 5 heroes of Berlin. “ says ESPN. 

source: VS 
adapted by: Mike Prise