MILAN, March 13, 2013 – After only 24 hours John Elkann switches off the enthusiasm of Pavel Nedved (“I would like Ibra back “) on the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Juventus. Taken at the exit of the President of Fiat is a cold shower. But this story is just beginning and the feeling is that the world Juventus is repeating the story just lived by Milan in January before the assault on Balotelli.

The incursion John Elkann yesterday spoke at the National Automobile Museum to present an exhibition dedicated to his grandfather, lawyer Gianni Agnelli. He talked about everything, could not miss the topic-Juve: “Ibrahimovic? Part of the history of Juventus, but now the team is above all, one group and does not need superstars. The superstar is the group. “

The praise Then he explains the concept better on the present team of Antonio Conte: “Today Juve have a collective extremely strong and is made of great players. And the great thing is precisely that: is that it works as a team and does not need to have superstars. On the contrary, can play with the players who are superstars as a collective. This is the strength of Juve. If this Juve would have liked to the Lawyer? Definitely yes, very much. It would have enjoyed to see her. Conte gone? He has already answered it … In the league we have a +9 which is a nice number. ” Strong statements, those about Ibra. The reporters then hound him and he sends a message apparently contradictory: “You’ll have to talk to his agent.” So, if you find the balance of economic considerations everything is really possible.